Up-cycled jewelry design process

One of my favorite parts of having FENNOfashion is to work with taking people’s creative accessory ideas and turning them into a reality.

Heirloom Jewelry

And this project was no exception. I was given two pearl necklaces, in varying sizes and slightly different colors. The pearls are believed to be over 100 years old! The idea was to take these two necklaces and update the style. While it’s nice to be able to hold onto a set of pearls that’ve been handed down through the generations, I like the idea of combining and transforming the sets into something more modern …  Something that could be worn more than just on special occasions.

The other part of this project was figuring our how I could turn the two pearl necklaces into four new ones.

Up-cycled Jewelry Design Project - FENNOfashion

Up-cycled Jewelry Design Project - FENNOfashion

Up-Cycled Jewelry Design Project - FENNOfashion

Thankfully, a pretty good ideas came to me, so the next step was to very carefully disassemble the necklaces and divide the pearls into little dishes. This was to make sure I used the exact same quantity in each necklace.To take that concept I had in my head and turn it into reality, I had to pair the larger pearls from the one necklace and set them aside with two smaller pearls from the other. Plus, I had to do it quickly while the cat was napping and my son wasn’t around. I’m sure you could imagine the mess I’d have if these were knocked over! Once I had everything from the old necklaces laid out and organized, I started to make the strands of pearls using silver wire and a LOT of crimp beads.For the ‘end pieces’ or where all the wires come together, I used pieces of toggle clasps. I’m pretty fond of how they look, so I actually do this quite a bit with my designs. The circular pieces of the toggle clasps seem to be the perfect size when looking for something to finish the ends of a statement necklace.

Up-Cycled Family Heirloom Necklace - FENNOfashion

Up-Cycled Jewelry Design Project out of Family Heirloom Jewelry - FENNOfashion

I won’t bore with more details on the process of the necklaces being made, but here’s a look at the finished products! Up-Cycled Jewelry Design Project out of Family Heirloom Jewelry - FENNOfashion Up-Cycled Jewelry Design Project out of Family Heirloom Jewelry - FENNOfashion Anyway, I thought this was a fun project to work on and I love being able to not only get creative but make people happy. 

Have you ever taken a family heirloom and turned it into something new? I just think this is such a great concept! 

I love reading your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment!