Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring so much joy. It’s those moments we spend together as a family when we’re gathered in the kitchen that I treasure most. And to be honest, it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing. It could be homework, making dinner together or even ordering custom granola. Yep, ordering custom granola. 

So it was one morning last week when Myles was asking John all about granola after he saw John sprinkle some on his go-to breakfast; plain greek yogurt topped with granola. He was so interested in what it tastes like, what it’s made of. We explained how there are so many different kinds and can contain everything from chocolate to fruits and nuts!

It was later that night that we surprised him and told him he could create his very own mix of Bear Naked Custom Granola. Meaning, he could pick and choose the ingredients he wanted to create his very own custom blend of granola through Bear Naked’s website. And with the ability to even customize the label and description on the back of the can, we had a lot of laughs.

John and I also joined in on the fun and created our own blends of granola, so everyone could have their own delicious personalized can. 

Are these not the cutest?

Not only were these so much fun to create, but I was thinking this would be such a fun Christmas present to give to all the food-lovers in your life. The process of creating custom granola is not only easy, but seriously, a lot of fun. 

First, you start with a base granola and have the choice between Cacao + Cashew Butter, Chocolate or Honey. The next step is to add in up to three different ingredients. You can either pick from the curated selection or by category. There are over 50 options, with everything from a variety of fruits and nuts, to flavors such as Bourbon, Red Wine and Sweet Bacon. Plus, any of your choices are guaranteed to be 100% 100% Non-GMO Project Verified. 

Once you have your granola blend created, then comes the fun part of “bearifying” yourself. By uploading a picture of your face, you can easily turn yourself into a bear. There’s even the option to add accessories like glasses and hats! 

We also had a lot of fun customizing the label on the back of the can, where you can add in the name of the person who created their custom granola blend, along with other fun adjectives and quotes. Seriously, it was so much fun to get creative while being silly at the same time. 

Curious what we choose? Here’s our granola blends, which are all completely different, but all SO good!

Myles selected the honey granola as his base. We then added in Toasted Coconut Chips, Banana Chips and Freeze Dried Strawberries. When his custom granola arrived in the mail, he was super excited!

John’s blend was definitely the most creative, as he started with the Cacao + Cashew Butter base granola, then added in Bourbon flavoring, cashews and Sweet Bacon Sprinkle. I mean, who doesn’t love the combination of bourbon and bacon? 

Then there’s my selection that satisfies my inner chocoholic. I started with the chocolate granola as my base, then added in Chocolate Espresso Beans and Coffee Brittle. It’s the perfect combo! 

As a family who loves granola, the idea of making our own blends is so neat and we’ll definitely be ordered some again soon because as delicious as all three of our blends are, it’s likely not to last long. 

To give this fun and delicious concept yourself, head over to Enter the coupon code BEARNAKED2017 and you can get 10% off your purchase for a limited time. Plus, shipping is always free! 

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