I’m always looking for new ways to jazz up our entrance way to our home. I mean, after all it is the first thing people see when they come over, right?

The idea of making a personalized door mat has been on my ‘to-do’ list for quite awhile now. And while I’ve taken on similar projects, this time I wanted to try something a little different from the colorful rugs I’ve painted in the past, and I think it’s the perfect addition to our porch!

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Personalized Door Mat Tutorial - Megan Fenno

The first thing I did was play around with fonts in Photoshop. It’s definitely not necessary to have Photoshop or lay out your design first, but I’m a planner and I wanted to see what the rug would look like with the combination of fonts I chose, which is what’s pictured above. 

The two main fonts I used were American Typewriter and Kinfolk Pro. If you’re feeling like the fonts you have aren’t what you’re looking for, check out Dafont,com. They have so many choices and a lot of the fonts are free to download. Just make sure that the fonts aren’t too detailed to where you’d have trouble cutting them out with an x-acto knife. 

Once I had my fonts selected, I printed out my door mat message, then pieced the letters together and taped the printed letters over a sheet of contact paper as shown below. 

The idea is you’re making a stencil, so using the x-acto knife, you’re going to want to cut around your letters. At first when I started doing this, I ran into an issue with the paper bunching, so I went ahead and covered everything I was cutting with thick masking tape. It solved the issue! 

Here’s what my stencil looks like cut out. 

Next, you have options. You can separate the sticky contact paper from it’s paper backing, to stick to the doormat or you can just leave it alone and pin it on the doormat. I opted to pin the stencil down because I’m really bad at getting things straight and didn’t want to stick the stencil down only to later realize it was crooked. 

When you do pin it though, make sure to add extra pins around the detailed areas of your letters. 

Once the stencil pinned to the blank doormat, use a small foam brush saturated in black paint and start to blot the paint onto the doormat. Because the bristly mat will absorb a lot of the paint, make sure you have enough on hand before you start. 

Above is before I took the stencil off, which was terrifying because I thought the paint might have bled, but it didn’t and turned out perfectly!

Now I could have stopped there, but I wanted to do more so using the same steps as above, I added the ‘welcome’ and ‘home’ to my new doormat. I then hand lettered the ‘to and ‘the’ using a small dense paintbrush dipped in black paint.

Let’s just say, I’m in love with how it turned out. I’ve had it outside for almost a week now and everyone who’s come over comments on how adorable it is before asking me where I ordered it from. 

I call that a success in my DIY book!

I even made one for a friend as a housewarming gift and she loved it! 

I love reading your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment!