Family Vacation Photos to NYC When we asked Myles, now six, where he wanted to go for a family vacation, there was no hesitation when he said New York City. He’s been fascinated with the city for years now. Perhaps it’s because we lived in the city for a few years when he was younger, but there’s something that drew him into that lifestyle that made him want to travel to NYC for a family vacation. 

And of course we were all for it. While making a trip to Disney was something we considered, this unorthodox family vacation to NYC was perfect. We all had a wonderful time, learned a lot and had a blast exploring the bustling city together. 

When considering the duration of the vacation, we settled on four days. Any shorter of a time, we might not’ve been able to see everything on our list and anything longer might’ve been too much. Regardless, spending four days and four nights in NYC was just perfect. 

Day 1

On Saturday, we flew in early enough to be able to do a little sightseeing after dropping off the luggage at the hotel, which was located in Midtown and close to Central Park. 

Since we were in walking distance, the first place we went to was Central Park. Myles was SO excited to explore, climb on rocks and take in all of what the famous park has to offer. 

Later in the afternoon, we took the subway to the Guggenheim Museum because they offer ‘pay what you wish’ on Saturday’s from 5:45 to 7:45, which made the visit a little more affordable. Yes it was also more crowded than it’d probably be on a random weekday morning, but we still were able to see a lot of the museum.

Because Myles had studied many famous artists throughout Kindergarten, he was beyond thrilled to see some of his favorite works of art in real life. 

He seemed to be most excited about seeing this original by Jackson Pollock. But these were a few of his other favorites. 

NYC Family Vacation

We also were able to catch a glimpse of the special exhibits, including this structure that is made to resemble a circuit board, and is filled with tiny little black ants. The story behind it is one of the more interesting things I’ve read this month. 

After the museum, we were getting pretty tired since we woke up at 4 a.m. to start the traveling process, but we did manage to squeeze in one more walk at dusk to view some of Midtown’s iconic buildings illuminated. I’m glad we did, because right after our walk back to the hotel, we discovered the best pizza joint and I’m pretty sure we all ate our weight in delicious New York style pizza. 

Day 2

One of the bigger attractions Myles really wanted to visit was Liberty Island so he could see the Statue of Liberty up close.

After having breakfast at a little cafe a block up from our hotel, we took the subway to Battery Park to catch the ferry to Liberty Island. The view from the water was breathtaking.

Family Vacation Photos to NYC

And seeing the Statue of Liberty in person again was even more breathtaking.

The first time I went to Liberty Island in 2002, it wasn’t an option to even get near the Statue because of 9/11, but this time we were able to go inside and up the pedestal and that was pretty neat to see. Inside the Statue of Liberty

Plus we had the perfect background to snap a few family photos. Family Vacation Photos to NYCFamily Vacation Photos to NYC Family Vacation Photos to NYC

After spending several hours on the island, we then took the ferry back and caught a train to Brookyn so I could catch up with my longtime friend from college. 

Family Vacation Photos to NYCShe showed us around before eating at the cutest little restaurant named Walter’s.

Family Vacation Photos to NYCWe got to see where she lives and her fascinating in-home studio for her clothing line, Liam of York.Brooklyn. NY

And by the time the sun was setting, were all getting pretty tired so we called it an early night so we could be rested for day 3 of our vacation!

[Click here for the rest of the photos from Day 3 and Day 4 of our trip to NYC]

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