[If you missed the first part of this post and photos from Day 1 and Day 2 of our trip to NYC, you can find them here]

And the contrition of our trip!

Day 3

We started the morning early today eating chocolate croissants at the cute little cafe a block up from our hotel before catching a train to the American Museum of Natural History located on the upper west side. After seeing “Night at the Museum”,  Myles couldn’t contain his excitement to visit the museum in person! 

American Museum of Natural HistoryAmerican Natural History Museum in Midtown NYC

Overall it was a lot of fun. While I’m not especially into viewing dinosaur bones, I did get a kick out of how much joy it brought Myles. Plus there was plenty of other fun exhibits we saw while there. We just seemed to have spent what felt like a lot of time looking at bones. HA! 

American Museum of Natural HistoryNYC Central Park And I loved this quote on the wall as you walk into the main entrance of the museum. Roosevelt Quote

By this point in the trip, our legs were hurting from all of the walking. The first day, our pedometers on our phones said we walked about 12 miles. The phones recorded a little over 10 miles on the second day. While it was great we were walking off all of the delicious food we ate, it still made us a little sore, so we went back to the hotel for a bit in the afternoon to rest. 

Visiting Times Square

Later that evening we thought we’d catch the subway to Times Square so we could walk around at dusk and into the night. And no doubt, Myles was so fascinated with all of the hustle and bustle of Times Square!

Radio City Music Hall Radio City Music Hall

Because we had a late lunch before taking a rest that afternoon, we also ended up having a late dinner. But it was perfect, because were able to explore a little longer before stopping into Ellen’s Stardust Diner. John had been to the diner a few months back when he traveled to NYC for a work trip and thought Myles would love all of the singing and dancing waitstaff. 

Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square NYC Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square NYC

It kind of ended up being a long night by the time we were done with dinner, so when Myles saw that we had to again climb five flights of stairs to make our way up from the subway, he kindly asked us to carry him. It wasn’t the first time, but hey, at least it was a good workout for us! 

Day 4

It was the first day that we didn’t have concrete plans, which was a nice change of pace and allowed us to walk around to explore different parts of the city.

We started out morning in Brooklyn, walking along the edge of the Hudson River near the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Manhattan Bridge

It was fun taking our time exploring! We stopped and got a coffee, hung out, walked the park and Myles played on the playground in the park. 

His little legs can only handle so much walking, so we took turns carrying him. I feel like I looked ridiculous giving him a ride on my shoulders, but he loves it and it’s really not as bad as it looks. 

After spending a few hours in Brooklyn, we took the subway over to Chinatown and Little Italy to explore. We walked around both areas, taking in the sights and well, food too. 

After having a late lunch, we went back to the hotel to rest since that worked out well for us the past two days. We then had dinner at the little cafe up the street from our hotel before heading to the area of town around Rockefeller Center

There we spotted some pretty fun things, like this giant inflated ballerina right in Rockefeller Plaza.

We also stopped by St. Patrick’s Cathedral right around the corner and stopped by the  massive LEGO store in Rockefeller Center

After spending what seemed like an eternity in the LEGO store, we walked over by Radio City Music Hall and back to Times Square to see what everything looked like in daylight. It’s still really neat, but I think it’s a lot more exciting and the signs are much more vibrant at night. 

We called it an early night since we had to wake up fairly early to depart home. Whenever we’d wait for the subway, I always snapped a few pictures. I’m just so fascinated with the subway stations.

We flew in and out of Newark, so part of the commute meant taking a train to get back to the airport. And Myles wanted to make sure I took a picture of him with the dinosaur that we carried EVERYWHERE with us. There were a few moments of panic on more than one occasion where we thought the little dino was left on the subway, but rest assured, for all of us, it made it home safely. 

American Museum of Natural History

When I asked Myles what he thought about the vacation, he gave me this look – the look of pure joy. He had a blast and we did too. 

[If you missed the first part of this post and photos from Day 1 and Day 2 of our trip to NYC, you can find them here]

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