RECIPE: My Favorite 95 Calorie Baked Cinnamon Apple SnackRemember when I said my goal for the new year was to kick my sugar habit? It’s not just about avoiding the urge to eat candy and cookies like it’s part of a food group, but it also involves changing the way I snack while finding healthy alternatives to all those sweet things I enjoy so much. 

That is where this delicious baked cinnamon apple recipe comes in handy and it’s been one of my favorite go-to snacks for years. Not only is it downright delicious, but it’s also filling.

And like that isn’t enough to convince you to try this snack out for yourself, both apples and cinnamon (yes, cinnamon too!) have some pretty nice health benefits.  RECIPE: My Favorite 95 Calorie Baked Cinnamon Apple Snack The baked cinnamon apples are pretty simple to make. All you’ll need is: An apple, vanilla creme flavored liquid stevia & cinnamon. 
Vanilla Creme flavored Stevia DropsThe stevia can be a little pricey, at around $10.00 a bottle, but it will last you a REALLY long time. I’ve been using this bottle for over a month and it’s still about half full. When they state on the bottle that is has 288 servings per bottle, that really isn’t an exaggeration. 

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Sliced ApplesAnyway, first thing you need to do is get a pot or pan out (I usually use a medium-sized pot) and turn a burner on high heat. 

Slice the apple into thin slices. For a large apple, which is around 95 calories, I can typically get 24 slices out of it, which if you think about it, that’s actually a decent sized snack for not many calories. I mean, imagine eating 24 chips. That would’t been nearly as filling and probably would have just as many calories or more!RECIPE: My Favorite 95 Calorie Baked Cinnamon Apple Snack Once the apples are sliced, place them in the warm pot. Add 1/4 cup of water, around 1/4 TSP of cinnamon and a few drops of the stevia. 

Continually stir the apple slices around in the pot, making sure the cinnamon coats all sides of each apple slice. You can always add more cinnamon if desired. 

After about 5 minutes, your baked apple snack should be cooked! Just make sure while on the stovetop, you keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. I’ve had that happen before and it was hard to clean up and then I had to start all over again. Ugh!RECIPE: My Favorite 95 Calorie Baked Cinnamon Apple Snack

RECIPE: My Favorite 95 Calorie Baked Cinnamon Apple SnackAnyway, not only will this healthy snack satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will keep you full and you’ll be able to feel good about it too!

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