Studio Lush - Cincinnati “She believed she could, so she did.”

Those are the words Nicole Stenger, owner of the new Studio Lush lives by.

Nicole always dreamed of owning her own salon, and that dream became a reality this month when she opened the doors of Studio Lush for the very first time.Studio Lush - Cincinnati It took months of planning; from finding the right location, naming the new business, purchasing all of the furniture and decor for the space and weeks of tireless renovations. 
Studio Lush - Cincinnati Studio Lush - Cincinnati But when you step foot in Studio Lush now, you’ll see that all the hard work has most certainly paid off. Studio Lush - Cincinnati Sparkling walls shimmer as the eight chandeliers suspended from the ceiling of Studio Lush illuminate the chic studio.

“I wanted something that not only reflects my style, but will also remain timeless. There’s a lot of different colors and textures throughout the studio, but it flows. It was important to me to make sure the studio was different than most salons. You’re not going to see stylist chairs lined up in a row. Instead, every stylist has their own ‘nook’.”Studio Lush - Cincinnati Studio Lush - Cincinnati Studio Lush - Cincinnati Joining Nicole are five additional stylists: Tara Donnellon, Ashley Greber, Kristy Ward, Melissa Schutte, Sara Zahneis and nail tech Anne Secrist.

Services at Studio Lush include custom cuts, personalized color, chemical services, blowouts, extensions, waxing, nail services and salon pedicures. 

When I asked Nicole what advice she’d give to someone who is looking to start or open a business, she was quick to answer. 

“If you have a dream and you truly believe in it,  go for it. Full force. And see it through to the end.”

She then started to tear up – with tears of joy that is. 

“I’ve always dreamed of having my own salon. My clients know, I always talked about it. I wanted it so badly. And now those dreams have become a reality. It was hard work, a lot of dedication and determination, but it’s here. And every time I open the door to Studio Lush, I still just can’t believe it’s mine. I did it. As cheesy as it sounds, my favorite quote sums it up: She believed she could, so she did.”Studio Lush - Cincinnati Studio Lush is located at 6543 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45247. Click here to connect with Studio Lush on FacebookStudio Lush - Cincinnati P.S. You can also find a little FENNOfashion in Studio Lush, with one-of-a-kind pieces from yours truly.

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