A letter to my Kindergartner & Life LessonsDear Myles:

It’s still hard for me to grasp that fact that you started Kindergarten this week. 

I remember like it was yesterday writing you weekly notes, titled “My Friday Baby”, documenting the milestones you achieved and some of the special moments we shared in the first year of your life.

After you reached all of the ‘first’ milestones such as smiling, eating solid foods, saying your first word, crawling and walking, I made to sure to continue to write you notes, but less frequently. Maybe once a week or so. 

Anyway, it feels like we’ve been talking about this week for years now. When you were three and we moved downtown, we always had in the back of our mind that we’d have to move again to ensure you’d be in a good school district before starting Kindergarten.  We also hoped to return to having a home with more room and in a community where you can make new friends and build life-long relationships. I’m so grateful we are able to provide both of those things. 

This week also symbolizes more than just the start of Kindergarten. For me, I used it as motivation to overcome all of the health issues I’ve had, often thinking and hoping the surgeries would be over and I’d have more mental peace with everything that happened in the last several years.

When it was just one thing after another for the past two years, all I hoped for was to feel settled, healthier, and for life to resume to some sense of normalcy.

Things have improved. I still feel some kind of remorse and guilt for being sick throughout most of your toddler years, but I’m working on changing the way I think about it. After all, I am so lucky to still be here and that I get to watch you grow up!

You know, I promised myself as we were buying your khaki uniform pants and the nearly impossible-to-find purple construction paper, that I would write down some of the life lessons I’d hope daddy and I can teach you.

It’s also my hope that you continue to grow up into the caring, affectionate, polite and loving child that you are.Our reading fish The little things you do like making sure that your fish has the pages turned on his books each night so he can read,  make me think daddy and I am doing a fine job. A letter to my Kindergartner & Life LessonsThe way you proudly show off your biceps and brag about all the muscle you suddenly have because you took a small bite of vegetables is pretty cute, too.

But back to the point, my hope is that as we experience life together, we will be able to teach you these invaluable lessons. A letter to my Kindergartner & Life Lessons

1. Always thank people. A hand-written thank you note means a lot to the person receiving it. So do the words.

2. Keep giving back. I love that you think it’s cool I volunteer, and I hope that you see how happy it makes me when you think of others. 

3. Eat your vegetables. I know they don’t always sound good, but they’re good for you. I hope you always think of this time & age when you thought you got such big muscles within an hour of eating peas.

4. Never stop learning. Although I told Grandpa that I knew everything at the ripe age of 15, trust me, I didn’t and never will. 

5. Embrace differences in people and relationships.

6. Sometimes you have to put in a lot of hard work before you start seeing results. This applies to just about everything from school to your career. Success rarely comes easy.

7. Be creative. With a mom always making jewelry and working on craft projects and a dad who designs home decor and draws charicatures of you, please don’t take your own creativity for granted. 

8. Chose a spouse that you can be best friends with. 

9. Depression happens at some point to nearly everyone, but if it ever lasts longer than you think it should, ask for help and lean on friends for support while you battle through.

9. Have a firm handshake. It shows you’re confident.

10. Treat everyone equally with respect. Yes, you need to respect your parents, but also respect our waitress or the woman walking down the street.

11. Do what’s right, even when no one is looking. 

12. Find the good in every situation. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. 

You’ve got this Myles.  Stay true to yourself and you’ll be moving mountains in no time. 

Love, Mom

p.s. You did great in your first week of Kindergarten! A letter to my Kindergartner & Life LessonsA letter to my Kindergartner & Life LessonsA letter to my Kindergartner & Life Lessons

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