making-time-for-the-two-of-youIt’s hard to believe. It’s been five years since John and I tied the knot in beautiful South Carolina in front of a small group of lovely friends and family. It feels like it was just a year ago, while at the same time, it feels like it’s been a decade. Since 2008, we moved from Austin to Cincinnati. Bought a house. John switched companies. I changed directions and started a full time job professionally blogging and working in radio while still trying to keep FENNOfashion alive. We had our son Myles in 2011. Our cat we had since high school passed away but we now have a new feline family member, Pippy.

It’s amazing how much can take place in five years, but I’m so glad I have John there by my side through it all; the good and the bad.

I wanted to do something special for our anniversary this year. I wasn’t sure what, but the idea of slipping back into my white dress and taking candid yet creative photos in a field ran through my mind. From there, I had to make it happen. With only a weeks notice, Jenn Prine took us to French Park in Amberely Village and shot these amazing photos. I loved our wedding and all the photos taken, but felt like we didn’t get a lot of photos of just the two of us. That’s okay though, because it wasn’t just about us that day. It was about everyone who took the time to come in from all over the country to help us celebrate that weekend.

It was nice to have our five year anniversary captured in photos and  hope to make it a tradition every five years. If anything, it’ll be motivation to stay in shape so I can continue to fit into my dress, right?megan-fenno-anniversaryanniversary-photos-fenno-1anniversary-photos-fenno-4anniversary-photos-fenno-2

And my favorite:

This is just so “us”.  Again, thanks to Jenn Prine. She’s a fabulous photographer who can take your idea and run with it. Seriously. Awesome.

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