HACK: 2 Ingredients to fix funky towels

Two Household Staples that will Fix Funky Towels!

You know how your favorite bath towels can get that “funky towel smell”? Well it’s not because of lack of washing, but actually a result of  build up from laundry detergent and fabric softener. Not only does it give the towels a ‘smell’, but it also leaves the towels unable to absorb as much water as they once […] Read more…

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

DIY: Ten Kid-Friendly Fall Crafts

The days of warmer weather are dwindling as the cooler weather approaches, which is the perfect time to take advantage of some fall crafting. And of course, since it is “Mommy Monday”, all ten of these crafts shown below are kid-friendly. So let your child display their creativity while creating a few new fall decorations […] Read more…

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