#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 48

Week 48/52 of photos. The week before our move plus the last part of my short trip to Austin, TX.

laske-austin-resort-and-spa:: Sunday, April 27th ::

One of the things I look forward to most when I visit Austin is a trip to Lake Austin Resort & Spa. It’s so relaxing to just lay in a hammock and read a good book. It’s something that seldom happens when I’m home.

the-oasis-lake-travis-austin-texas:: Monday, April 28th ::

Nothing like a good view, friends and a margarita in hand. The Oasis is such a fun place to visit when here in Austin. Located on Lake Travis, the views from the restaurants balcony are breathtaking.

indiana-adams-of-adored-austin-texas-style-council:: Tuesday, April 29th ::

Got to hang out with this fab lady and her two adorable daughters. Indiana and I have been friends since before she started blogging at Adored Austin. Since meeting at the first Austin Fashion Week, she has taken blogging by storm and was the founder of Texas Style Council that I attended last August. Let’s just say she’s an all-around awesome person.

lakeway-in-austin-with-downtown-austin-skyline:: Wednesday, April 30th ::

Before leaving Austin, I tagged along with my friend Alan who is a lighting design master! We visited a few of his lighting design job sites today and got to see some of the best views of downtown Austin. You can spot the capital to the left of me, which is where I got engaged. The kicker: we were visiting a 15 million dollar new home being built!

toddler-craze:: Thursday, May 1st ::

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my little, but BOY did he give me some extra gray hairs today. That crazed look on his face says it all.

moving-tip-to-move-clothes:: Friday, May 2nd ::

I’ve come across something similar to this idea when I was browsing Pinterest, and wanted to try this trick when moving my clothes.

Best. Idea. Ever.

I put large kitchen bags with drawstrings over all of my hanging shirts, which not only kept them from getting dirty, but they were so easy to transport when moving. I just laid the bags in my trunk and hauled them over to the new place. Everything stayed in order and was even able to reuse the bags later.

Family_walk_west-side_cincinnati:: Saturday, May 3rd ::

Our last Saturday night walk in the neighborhood. We’re going to miss this place on Devils Backbone but are excited for our next chapter together living in the city!

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#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 47

Week 47/52 of photos. Per usual – a mix of updating the blog, making jewelry like a crazed- jewelry lady and getting ready to go on a last mini vacation to Austin, Texas before the move.

searching-for-easter-eggs-3-years-old-easter-sunday:: Sunday, April 20th ::

Easter egg hunting. My has this boy changed since last Easter.

Myles-Pippy-Cornish-Rex-cat-bath-time:: Monday, April 21st ::

As we were painting the trim in the kitchen, Pippy decided to walk in the paint tray so we had to give her a bath. Myles was super eager to help! Ha.

cheetah-print-sequins-flats:: Tuesday, April 22nd ::

I’m kind of in love with these sequined cheetah print shoes…

spring-weather-in-cincinnati:: Wednesday, April 23rd ::

Cleaned out our fountain for the last time tonight so I figured if sit outside and enjoy it. It’s really a bittersweet feeling.

like-father-like-son-cutting-the-grass:: Thursday, April 24th ::

Cutting the grass. Like father, like son. I absolutely love this picture.

uc-daap-fashion-show-2014:: Friday, April 25th ::

I had the honor of covering the DAAP fashion show for WCPO. Seeing behind the scenes reminded me so much of being in fashion design school. I miss those days. Here’s my fashion show recap article for WCPO.com 

chuys-tex-mex-in-suatin-texas:: Saturday, April 26th ::

I took a quick trip to Austin, Texas before our move. It was like the calm before the storm. Anyway, my friends know how much I love Chuy’s Tex Mex so that’s the first place we hit. They have really good margaritas!

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4th Street Boutique Spring Designer Sale 4/23 – 4/26


You know I love a good sale and this one is no exception. Starting tomorrow, April 23rd through Saturday, April 26th, there’s a nice designer sale taking place at 4th Street Boutique in downtown Cincinnati. If you’ve been following the blog, then you know I have a special place in my heart for 4th Street Boutique; as all the proceeds from sales benefit Dress for Success Cincinnati. (More here).

This sale, formerly known as “The Back Room Designer Sale” includes women’s new and gently used brand name designer labels, contemporary clothing and accessories. Think Armani, Calvin Klein, Etro, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Ann Taylor….

The boutique is open to the public and located at 209 West 4th Street. (It’s the store front in the Textile Building).

Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

For more information, check out the 4th Street Boutique website.

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 46

Week 46/52 of photos. Per usual – a mix of business and fun, preparing to move and Easter celebrations!

low-flying-plane-over-cincinnati:: Sunday, April 13th ::

Watching planes coming in and thought this was a neat shot. They fly so low over our house, especially on Sunday morning. It’s usually the huge cargo planes coming in from overseas but so cool to watch.

fennofashion-custom-pastel-statement-necklace-handmade:: Monday, April 14th ::

Working on some spring custom jewelry for FENNOfashion. This is one of my new favorite necklaces!

cincinnati-snow-in-april:: Tuesday, April 15th ::

While it might look like an April fools prank, it seriously snowed overnight.

cute-rain-boots-from-amazon:: Wednesday, April 16th ::

I scored these rain boots of Amazon out of all places and was so excited when they came in the mail, I had to snap a photo.

(If you’re interested, here’s the link: Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Shoe)

washing-the-tricycle:: Thursday, April 17th ::

Yet another beautiful day… one that is great for washing tricycles!

moving-to-the-banks:: Friday, April 18th ::

We sold a lot of our furniture on Friday, so we like to keeps things classy around here by using banana boxes as our new coffee table.

farm:: Saturday, April 19th ::

When I was 3, I lived in Kentucky and loved to play in the hay; in this very same barn where we took this picture today. It was so neat to take Myles over to my aunt and uncles to allow him to experience some of the great memories I made there. Plus, seeing family and eating lots of food was wonderful as well!

Another great week and can’t wait for next!

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Myle-isms: Conversations with a 3-year old

Myles-isms-conversation-with-funny-three-year-oldIt’s that time of the month again where I think I’ve got some good “Myle-isms” to share. If you missed the first post, you can read it here for a few more good laughs.
                                                                             #1: We’re all in the car running errands.Myles: “Something smells funny in here.”

John: ” Yeah?”

Myles: ” Yeah, it smells like tablet. That’s all.”

*By tablet, he’s referring to his little mini iPad that has all his educational game loaded onto it. Really?

digging-for-worms#2: Hey there, worms.

Me: “Finding anything good?”

Myles: “Ugh..I keep calling these worms to come out and they won’t listen. I’m mad.”

Me: “Maybe they’re sleeping?”

Myles: “WORMS! Hey there,worms! WAKE UP!” – This is as he’s yelling at the ground at the top of his lungs.

fredricks-of-hollywood#3: Broken underwear is tragic.

We go to the mall and while there, I wanted to go get my wedding ring cleaned. Fredrick’s of Hollywood Lingerie store is along the way.

Myles running up to the window of the store: “Oh NO!”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Myles: “All the underwears in the store is broken!”

Me: “Myles, I don’t know what to tell you about that.”

John the entire time: “Megan. MEGAN! Stop taking pictures!”

Ha ha ha.


#4: Another window in the mall, another day.

Again, we’re at the mall and Myles sees this window of a wig store and runs over to it before I could even catch up with him.

Myles: “Mommy. What happened to the bodies?”

Me: “They’re like lady statues (what he calls mannequins), but without bodies.”

Myles: “This is just too sad.”

#5: Myles goes to the gym with me today. We’re in the car.

Myles: “Mommy, where are we going now? This isn’t the way home…”

Me: “Oh, I wanted to stop by the gym for an hour or so. Ok? You can play while I work out.”

Myles: “Are you going to exer-sauce?”

Me: “Yes.”

Myles: “why?”

Me: “I need to stay in shape. I don’t want a buda belly.”

Myles: “Oh, so they fix it at the gym?”

Me: “Not quite, I have to work out and exercise!”

In the meantime Myles goes to the Kid’s Club and I go work out for an hour. I go in to pick him up.

Myles: “Mommy! Mommy! Did you get your big ‘ol buda belly fixed?”

Me (turning red): “Honey, it takes more than one trip to the gym. Don’t worry about it.”

Myles: “I’m sorry. Maybe there’s a doctor for it like the cough doctor.”

*Side note: I am exactly the same size I’ve been for years. He’s just obsessed with telling everyone he meets they have a big belly. Again, that could be partially because the lady who watches Myles being pregnant. Kids….. they say ANYTHING.

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 45

Week 45/52 of photos. Trying to work ahead while enjoying one of the last few weeks we’ll be in this house.

myles-star-gazing:: Sunday, April 6th ::

We love to take Myles to this little park that’s part of Creative Preschool right up the road. There’s this big pirate ship and he likes to climb to the very top to try and spot the moon if it’s later in the day. He still can’t understand why the moon and sun are sometimes out at the same time, but enjoys telling us all about it!

cornish-rex-cat-and-keurig:: Monday, April 7th ::

My cat is seriously obsessed with my Keurig machine. It’s to the point where if I even pick up a mug, she runs to the coffee maker with anticipation. Ha! Side note, don’t make fun of my mug. It was Monday morning and the biggest one I had.

spring-statement-necklace-fennofashion:: Tuesday, April 8th ::

Spent part of my day creating some fun custom orders for clients.

wella-hair-event-soto-cincinnati-elle-magazine:: Wednesday, April 9th ::

Every year Elle Magazine and Wella Hair Care asks me to join them for a ladies night. This year it was hosted at SOTO (Salon on the Ohio) and I brought my mom with me to share a few drinks and bites to eat. It was a great time.

angel-drawing-in-conte:: Thursday, April 10th ::

I’m still on my decluttering kick, so I sat down and organized all my files today including photos, but the month and year. I came across one of my favorite drawings I created in college with black conte. Sometimes I wish I had just a little more time in the day to do some sketching and drawing. I miss it.

wcpo-fashion-article:: Friday, April 11th ::

A collage I put together for an article on WCPO.com about how to stay in budget when shopping with your kids for Easter outfits. You can read the article, 9 ways to dress the kids in new clothes for the season without breaking the bank,  here.

Myles-playing-outside:: Saturday, April 12th ::

The weather was absolutely beautiful last night, so we enjoyed having a few friends over to hang out on the patio while this little dude played with the hose to entertain himself. Hope everyone else had a great week!

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DIY: Picture Frames turned Jewelry Displays Tutorial

Picture-Frame-Jewelry-Display-DIYJust about a year ago, I pinned this photo of my jewelry being displayed at a boutique here locally in Cincinnati. Since then, I’ve had so many questions about where I purchased them or if it’s a long time blog follower – they pretty much assume this is just another one of my DIY projects. Sure enough, it was!

Since we’re moving downtown to a much smaller place, I thought these would be great to hang in our walk in closet;  just to display the inventory I have available for FENNOfashion. While the displays created for my closet aren’t quite as pretty, they’re made the same way. Meaning, you can just adapt the process to make any color or sized DIY jewelry display that fits your exact needs.

 Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Picture Frames (I purchased the large frame at Hobby Lobby for 90% off (Hello, $3.79)  and the rest at St. Vincent de Paul)
  • Small unfinished slates of wood (purchased at Home Depot by the foot)
  • Dowel Rods
  • White Spray Paint (or whatever color you prefer)
  • Saw-tooth hooks (for back of frames)
  • “C ” hooks (to hold the jewelry)
  • Small nails
  • Drill
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue
  • Wood Glue
  • Mini- Hand Saw
  • Hammer

What to do:

First prep your frames to paint. If they had some sort of artwork in them (see the three I scored all for $5 at St. Vincent De Paul pictured below… they definitely needed prep work!) You want to get your frames to a point where it’s just the solid frame; no art, glass or the paper on the back.

DIY-thrifted-frames-into-jewelry-holder-display-tutorialOnce you have the frames ready to be painted, go ahead and spray paint them your desired color using the directions on the spray paint can.

DIY-jewelry-photo-frames-turned-jewelry-display-tutorialI had brown and black frames, so it took about 3 – 5 coats of spray paint to get the frames completely white. While I was waiting for the paint to dry on the frames, I went ahead sprayed the unfinished wood slates and dowel rods.

Let’s talk about the large earring display first:

DIY-framed-earring-holder-picture-frame-tutorialYou’ll need a drill bit that’s just a tad smaller than the dowel rods you plan to use.

Measure out how far apart you’d like the dowels to be.  I kept mine pretty close as I want the display to hold as many earrings as possible. If I was actually using these particular frames as a display, I might space the dowel rods out a little bit more.

Drill your holes on the backside of the frame where the glass would sit. Once you have the holes drilled, cut the dowel rods to fit securely into the holes. My husband used wire cutters to size down the dowel rods.  Whatever works, you know? Add a little wood glue to each end secure the dowel rods in the freshly drilled holes. The picture above helps describe these steps.

Because I underestimated how many dowel rods I’d need, some are still the natural wood color in the pictures, but I painted over them once they were set in place.

 The Necklace + Bracelet Display


The same principles apply when making the bracelet and necklace display. You’ll want to measure out how far apart you need the wood slats. Again, I’d probably spread them out a little if I was using this as a display and not something just to hold my inventory.

Once you have the wood slats measured, use a little hand saw to make them the length you need so they’ll fit securely within the frame. Hot glue them in place.


If you’d like to add “C” hooks, measure out how far apart you want them. Drill a hole where each hook will go using a drill bit just a tad smaller then the diameter of the “C” hook. From there, they should will just screw right in – not hand tools necessary.

The last step is to add the saw-tooth hangers to the back of the frame so they can easily hang on the wall. Packages of saw-tooth hangers come with the small nails, so all you’ll need to do is hammer them into the back of the frames.

The finished product: 



creative-diy-earring-holder-Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

Must-Have Mondays: Moonstruck 3-D Fiber Lashes

Who doesn’t love long voluminous lashes? I mean as women, we spend a lot of money on make-up. Then you have false eyelashes, eyelash extensions and even products to make your lashes grow such as Latisse. While all those I’m sure work wonderfully, I honestly just don’t have the time. So, when I was introduced to Younique’s 3-D Fiber Lash Kit, it sounded like the perfect solution!

Here’s my review, some before and after pictures,  how to use it and where you can get your hands on this 3-D Fiber Lash Kit. Obviously, I’m a fan or I wouldn’t be sharing this and all opinions are my own. This is not a paid endorsement.

Moonstruck-3-D-Fiber-Lash-Mascara-Younique-CaseI heard about this product from a friend and of course, had to try it. This adorable case was what arrived in the mail; which holds both the transplanting gel and the natural fibers.

3-D-Fiber-Lash-Mascara-Younique-CaseOnce you add a coat of your normal everyday mascara (the brand or kind doesn’t matter), you’ll then add a coat of the transplanting gel. While the gel is still wet, you’ll want to add a coat of the natural fibers. Sounds crazy, right? They’re literally little fibers that adhere to your lashes. It’s different, but pretty awesome once you see the results. You can put several coats of the 3-D fiber lashes on, but I chose to only apply one coat of each.

I opted not to put on any other make-up today so you can really see the results.  Here’s the before and after photos:

3-D-Moonstruck-Mascara-Fiber-Lashes-youniqueThe before photo is when I had one coat of black Chanel mascara on. The two bottom photos are when I used the Fiber lashes on top of the one coat of Chanel mascara.

I tried the Fiber lashes for the first time last week and what I like is that the fibers don’t flake off; which was a concern of mine. Also the make-up is easy to remove. If you happen to have allergies and your eyes water, this product doesn’t add insult to your watering eyes by turning you into a raccoon. It stays in place and from experience, you have my endorsement.

This revolutionary product increases the thickness and volume of your lashes up to 300% and I’m pretty sure will quickly become your favorite makeup accessory! For more information about 3-D Fiber lashes, click here.

mascara[You can purchase the 3-D Fiber Lash Kit here,  for $29.00]

Has anyone else tried this yet? I’d love to hear what you think about it.

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 44

Week 44/52 of photos.

fennofashion-copper-statement-necklace:: Sunday, March 30th ::

These copper statement necklaces I made wouldn’t stay in stock over the winter, so I made more of them to add to the spring/summer collection of jewelry for FENNOfashion. I’m loving copper, golds and mixed metals this year!

swinging:: Monday, March 31st ::

This was one of the first really nice days we’ve had since…oh..I don’t know…October of last year?! We really just wanted to stay outside all night, but opted for a quick trip to the playground up the road.


:: Tuesday, April 1st ::

Have I ever mentioned how much I love what I do? This week I wrote an article about all the fun Cincinnati Red’s gear you can pick up around the tri-state and online. You can read the full article, Stand out from the fan crowd! Our one-stop-family shopping list for cool Reds gear, here.

jewelry-designer-in-training:: Wednesday, April 2nd ::

I’m a proud mama! Myles’s beaded his first necklace! He chose the colors, the beads and how long it would be. He then told me it’s for his girlfriend and wanted to drive him over there to deliver it.

cornish-rex-cat:: Thursday, April 3rd ::

Ha! This is a funny story. We had our house inspected for closing and the inspector left an exterminator card. I freaked out and called right away. So yeah, we’re clear and I was relieved but I think he saw my cat. I suppose I can understand…

the-banks-cincy-from-scripps-building-cincinnati:: Friday, April 4th ::

This is it my friends. My new home, looking down from the 28th floor of the Scripps building in downtown Cincinnati. We are so excited to move. One more month!

incline-public-house-cincinnati-beautiful-scenery:: Saturday, April 5th ::

Had a nice evening with a friend from the Scripps/WCPO-TV family. We started at the Incline Public House, but ended up going to Django’s, a western taco joint, on the northside of town. Overall, it was a wonderful and productive week and as slow as time can go as we prepare to move, I try and keep myself busy.

[Read more about my 52 week #ADayInTheLife project here.]

The Many Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

This post is a re-run from last year; but one that I definitely think is worth sharing again. Coconut oil is truly amazing and can be used for everything from beauty regimes to healthy cooking. Read on to see all the many things you can do with this special oil.

many-uses-for-coconut-oil-health-beauty-cooking-DIY-moreAfter using coconut oil for the first time in a Chicken Curry recipe, I sought out other recipes using this magnificent oil. But come to find out, Coconut Oil is great for just about everything!

After doing some research, listed below are one hundred ways in which you can use this very versatile oil.

Note: Please consult with your doctor first if you are planning to use Coconut Oil  to treat a medical condition and please, use at your own discretion.


  • Eat a teaspoonful for an energy boost or take a spoonful with your vitamins to help increase absorption.
  • Use Coconut oil to help soothe chicken pox, shingles and other skin irritations and rashes.
  • Another health use- apply it to athlete’s foot, ringworm or other fungal infections
  • Dab a little on a baby’s diaper rash
  • You can also use the oil to help with cradle cap.
  • Spread a thin layer on a burn to quicken the healing time
  • Ingesting Coconut Oil is said to help thyroid conditions.
  • Use in replace of massage oil
  • Consuming Coconut Oil while nursing is said to increase your milk flow
  • Apply to bug bites to sooth itch and sting
  • If you happen to get nose bleeds in the winter, coat the inside of your nose with a small amount.
  • It is said that taking a spoonful will help reduce and eliminate migraines
  • Massage into tired, achy or sore muscles to help relieve the pain
  • Mix a small amount with oregano and apply to the first signs of a cold sore
  • Dab on a canker sore to speed up heeling and help soothe the pain
  • Ingest a small amount and let it dissolve in your mouth and run down the back of your throat to ease the discomfort of a sore throat


  • Use as a super conditioner for your hair. Apply to dry hair, then shampoo as normal.
  • You can also use it as a styling agent for dry hair. Rub a small amount into your palms and apply to hair.
  • Put some in a small container to use as lip balm.
  • Dab a small amount under your arms to use as a natural deodorant.
  • Use it in place of shaving cream
  • Add a small amount to your bath water to create a moisturizing soak
  • Use as a make-up remover
  • Use around your eyes to help prevent wrinkles
  • Use to reduce the visibility of stretch marks
  • Apply to stomach when pregnant to aid in preventing stretch marks
  • Use as a mascara brush cleaner
  • Brush on eyelashes to help strengthen them
  • Use on pimple and acne to help heal it
  • Apply on cracked or rough heels
  • Massage into your nails and cuticles to help strengthen them
  • Mix with the spice nutmeg and apply to blemishes for 15 minutes. Wash off and notice a difference in your skin
  • If you wax at home, Use on your skin after waxing to help with the redness and to remove any access wax.


  • Use it as a base for a homemade body scrub, toothpaste or lotion.
  • In addition, you can also use Coconut Oil as a base for a vapor rub.
  • Try mixing it with lemon balm, tea tree oil or rosemary for creating an insect repellent
  • Use instead of WD-40
  • Mix with baking soda to create a non-toxic form of Goo-Gone
  • Use as a metal polish, however, test a small area first.
  • Also use it to season cast iron pans
  • Use to remove chewing gum from the bottom of your shoes


  • Use to condition your wooden cutting boards
  • Use as a leather moisturizer. However, test a small area first!
  • If you have gum stuck in your hair and before grabbing the scissors, try using a small amount of coconut oil. the gum should come right out.
  • Use as a guitar string lubricant
  • Use a little on a damp cloth to clean a slimy shower. Wipe the surface again with more oil followed by spraying with vinegar and wipe dry
  • I’ve read Coconut Oil works as a non-toxic flea treatment for cats and dogs
  • Use on artificial or real plants to shine leaves in replace of the chemical-filled spray that can be purchased.
  • Add a small amount to a cloth to detail the inside of your car
  • Use to clean brushes and hands after painting with an oil-based paint


  • Replace the less healthy oils in your kitchen with Coconut oil
  • Add a teaspoonful to smoothies to help add flavor and added nutrition.
  • Use to oil your pans and baking dishes instead of pan spray
  • Put a small amount on toast and add cinnamon for a healthy cinnamon toast
  • Use as a base for homemade candy, such as chocolates.
  • Mix with garlic and use it to make food extra flavorful
  • Add a teaspoonful to soup for added nutrition
  • Add flavor to baked goods
  • Make your own peanut butter with the base being Coconut Oil
  • Use to lubricate scissors when cutting up sticky things such as marshmallows for recipes
  • Use instead of shortening when making pie crusts or biscuits

[Resources for this post: 1,2,3,4]

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