#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 52

Week 52/52 photos! I’ve officially made it an entire year taking or using a photo taken around me on that exact date and put it here on the blog to share.

I have a post HERE where I reflect on the #ADayInTheLife Project and whatI have in store for my next personal blogging challenge. This has truly been so much fun and I’ll be so thankful I documented all of our fun memories over the past year.

cincinnati-reds-game-at-great-american-ball-park:: Sunday, May 25th ::

Myles’ FIRST Red’s game with many more to come.

smale-riverfront-park-cincinnati-maze:: Monday, May 26th ::

This cement and grass maze in Smale Park is pretty neat. While following the actual maze isn’t really Myles’ thing, he had a blast just running around.

decorating-our-apartment:: Tuesday, May 27th ::

We’re finally to the point where we can hang pictures, shelves and mirrors on the walls. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can finish this soon so I can share it here on the blog!

toddler-and-ice-cream:: Wednesday, May 28th ::

Ice cream night with my mini-me.

sawyer-point-cincinnati:: Thursday, May 29th ::

Another day, another family walk exploring this beautiful city. Living by all these parks is like a dream come true for all of us.

sawyer-point-cincinnati-by-serpentine-wall:: Friday, May 30th ::

Took a family stroll through Sawyer Point along the Ohio River.

red-legs-5k-10-k-cheering-cincinnati-banks:: Saturday, May 31st ::

Myles cheers on the RedLegs 5k runners this morning who are passing underneath our balcony on this beautiful Saturday morning.

[Read more about my 52 week #ADayInTheLife project here.]

Our Moving Journey Part 1: The Decision & Decluttering

I’ve had so many comment on how I should post more details about our choice to move from a house in the suburbs to a much smaller apartment in the city. [Here’s the original story on our decision I posted in March]

It wasn’t a decision that was made quickly. We really thought about it and weighed out the pro’s and con’s. The process started last November when we were checking out places to live downtown. We decided on Current at the Banks for several reasons: they allow large dogs, it’s kid-friendly, it’s a new establishment and we’re surrounded by parks.

Once the application process for the Banks was complete, we then started the process of getting our house ready to sell. The list of things that needed to be completed before that “For Sale” sign went up was quite a long one.

Topping the list was to get rid of ‘stuff’ and let me tell you, we had A LOT of it mainly because we had plenty of storage room.

I read several different articles and books on getting organized and de-cluttering and to be honest, I’m a fairly organized person…just with too much stuff. That can happen when you actually stay put in a home for longer than several years. Things accumulate — especially after having a baby.

While all these books had great advice, nothing really jumped out at me as the best way to go about downsizing and de-cluttering so I came up with my own method. I’m sure it’s been used before so I’m definitely not trying to claim it as some revolutionary idea. It’s quite simple though:

Touch everything you own.

Seriously, I mean everything. Every paper in the filing cabinet. Every holiday decoration. Every piece of clothing in the house. Every BEAD and I have a lot of those from being a jewelry designer.

The next step is to have bins lined up that you can put everything into. I generally stuck with a plan of having five:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Goes Elsewhere, Etc.
  • Trash & Shred

This process took me about six months to complete. It was pretty awful but I’m happy to say that I’ve never felt better since living with less. Here are just several pictures of my office from when I started to the end result. But remember, I used this process on the entire house.

before-decluttering tips-on-decluttering-a-craft-space de-cluttering-tips-for-your-entire-house declutteiring-for-an-organized-office decluttering-tips-jewelry-organization before-and-after-decluttering

Quite the change, right? Remember I had to un-personalize everything as well because we were selling our home so it was a double whammy of de-cluttering and un-personalizing the space.

Let me elaborate on the bins:

The ‘keep’ bin was obviously for things I’d like to keep; but I put it in a bin so once I had everything I wanted to keep in one place, I could neatly organize it all.

The ‘donate’ bin is pretty straight forward as well. If I had something I knew a friend could use, I’d give it to them. If I found a lot of unused books, they went to the Cincinnati Public Library. Clothing went to Salvation Army or St. Vincent De Paul. Baby accessories that weren’t able to be resold went to a place called Healthy Beginnings, which is for women and children in need or women who are pregnant and need assistance.

The ‘sell’ bin was for items I could most likely sell online. Between Facebook groups (there are TONS), local online yard sales, Amazon and Craigslist, there were very few items that I wasn’t able to sell. When I tell people I even sold my trash can the week before moving, they couldn’t believe it. But it’s true! You’d be surprised as to what you can sell online. Not only do you make a little money, but leave less of a carbon footprint and make someones day!


Above are just several of the things I sold online – mostly through Facebook groups and below is how I kept track of everything I sold; which was as simple as having a dedicated folder on my desktop with a file for each item with the pictures, description and price:


My ‘go elsewhere’ bin was for things that could go along with other items somewhere in the house. For example, I took all my sharpie marker collection from my office and added it to the junk drawer in the kitchen – eliminating any duplicates I had.

Lastly, the ‘trash & shred’ bin speaks for itself. I shredded a lot of paperwork from the filing cabinet and if I had things that there was nothing else I could do with, then it went in the trash.

When we moved we literally lost hundreds of square feet. But I was okay with that because honestly, I knew I didn’t need everything I had. It also helped knowing our floor plan of our new place. A walk-in closet would eliminate the need for armoirs. Not having a laundry room allowed me to sell drying racks and extra laundry bins. However, this method of “touching everything” can be used in any circumstance, regardless of if you just want to get one room organized or an entire house.

What do you think? Am I crazy or do you think this method could work for you? I’d love to read your thoughts!

[More to come soon on the rest of the move – it was quite the process this go around]

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#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 51

Eek! Almost to the last week of my #ADayInTheLife Project! Week 51/52 photos. We’re still having a blast exploring everything that’s around our new home!

yawning-cat-cornish-rex:: Sunday, May 18th ::

I’m sorry but kind of not sorry for taking so many pictures of my cat. I mean, she’s a great subject and always doing weird things.

smamle-riverfront-park-family-swings-cincinnati-riverfront:: Monday, May 19th ::

When we swing in the park, even our dog joins in.

Cute-toddlers:: Tuesday, May 20th ::

Myles little buddy E came down to visit us. They’re almost to the day two years apart.

personalized-infographic:: Wednesday, May 21st ::

Calling myself out: I’m a nerd and made an infographic about myself and really enjoyed it.

dog-friendly-jefferson-social:: Thursday, May 22nd ::

My girl Adobe at the bar, Jefferson Social. I love how dog friendly all the establishments are downtown.

pre-reds-game-cincinnati-banks:: Friday, May 23rd ::

Such a gorgeous day here in Cincinnati. I still can’t believe this is home, in the center of all the action!

running-around-smale-riverfront-park-cincinnati:: Saturday, May 24th ::

We don’t walk these steps anymore, we jump them! We just can’t stay away from Smale Park since it’s a half of a block away from home!

[Read more about my 52 week #ADayInTheLife project here.]

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 50

Week 50/52 photos:
german-shepard-husky-mix:: Sunday, May 11th ::

I was most worried about this one adjusting to urban life but so far she loves it! She was watching the crowd for the Red’s game from our balcony. It even looks like she’s smiling.

mahoganys-at-the-banks-cincinnati:: Monday, May 12th ::

Ventured downstairs to try Mahogany’s. They have delicious soul food.

smale-riverfront-park-cincinnati-banks:: Tuesday, May 13th ::

Action shot in Smale Park!

asha-daniels-from-under-the-gunn:: Wednesday, May 14th ::

Had dinner this talented lady from the fashion reality show “Under the Gunn”, a spin-off of Project Runway. We enjoyed sharing our love for invisible zippers and draping.

simengage-presentation-cincinnati-fact:: Thursday, May 15th::

A realistic fact about multi-tasking..who would have known?! Taken at Simengage Social Media conference.

blue-point-cornish-rex:: Friday, May 16th ::

I’m get the google eyes from my cat a lot and Im not sure if it’s because they’re uncrossed for once or she’s inbreed.

assembling-ikea-furntiure:: Saturday, May 17th ::

Seriously, the story of our life while we assemble furniture for the new place. Piles of screws, nuts, bolts, washers for days!

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Frozen Yogurt Dreams + Wipes with Style

Since moving downtown, we’ve gotten ourselves into a bad habit. We like to venture downstairs to enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf, which is literally in the same building we live in! Regardless of the flavor or toppings, this happens:

orange-leaf-frozen-yogurt-the-banks-cincinnati-huggies-clutch-clean-wipesAfter indulging, I’ve been just taking Myles back upstairs to clean up. But that takes time away from us playing in the park. When Huggies reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying their new line of Clutch  ‘n’ Clean wipes, I had that ‘ah-ha’ moment as in… “Why didn’t I think about bringing wipes with me to Orange Leaf ?!…what a great concept to have them in a reusable clutch!”

huggies-clutch-n-clean-reviewAnyway, we tried them out last night (because we needed another excuse to enjoy frozen yogurt) and loved the convenience of the wipes!  They fit in my purse or can be carried alone. A little snap on the handle of the clutch allows you to easily snap them onto a diaper bag, stroller or purse. Meaning, they’re always within arms reach to tackle any mess — no matter where you are! The quality of the wipes are great. They’re thick and made with natural ingredients, meaning I don’t have to worry about Myles’ face breaking out with his sensitive skin.

huggies-clean-n-clutch-wipes-reviewThe Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean wipes come in three stylish options, are refillable and sold in most stores. My favorite thing about them: I didn’t have to go back upstairs to clean up Myles, which allowed us to spend that much more time enjoying our new life in the city.

great-american-ball-park*More to come on the move soon!

[Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post]


#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 49

Week 49/52 of photos: It’s finally here… Moving week! 

neighbor-fun-before-moving:: Sunday, May 4th ::

We should be packing, but, spending time with our neighbors and goofing off now and again is equally as important. We’ll sure miss living so close to such wonderful friends.

cutting-the-dandelion-grass:: Monday, May 5th ::

I thought it’d be nice for the new homeowners to have a fresh cut yard. I’m telling you, these dandelions we get in spring grow 5 times faster than grass! I will not miss this, that’s for sure!

moving-boxes:: Tuesday, May 6th ::

It’s beginning to look a lot like… A mess of boxes!

moving-day-suburbs-to-city:: Wednesday, May 7th ::

Keeping it classy in the burbs. Cars and furniture are a nice asset to the front yard.

current-cinci:: Thursday, May 8th ::

The inside may still be full of boxes, but the view from our balcony: AMAZING!

myles-in-water-smale-riverfront-park-cincinnati:: Friday, May 9th ::

I think it’s safe to say this kid is loving downtown and going to the park! We’ve really enjoyed exploring the new place and downtown the past few days. It’s hard to unpack when there’s so much going on outside. Plus, the weather has been perfect!

suspension-bridge-roebling-cincinnati-smale-park:: Saturday, May 10th ::

We’re equally as thankful our dog is adjusting to urban life as well. She loves being walked four times a day and is fitting in well!

[Read more about my 52 week #ADayInTheLife project here.]

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 48

Week 48/52 of photos. The week before our move plus the last part of my short trip to Austin, TX.

laske-austin-resort-and-spa:: Sunday, April 27th ::

One of the things I look forward to most when I visit Austin is a trip to Lake Austin Resort & Spa. It’s so relaxing to just lay in a hammock and read a good book. It’s something that seldom happens when I’m home.

the-oasis-lake-travis-austin-texas:: Monday, April 28th ::

Nothing like a good view, friends and a margarita in hand. The Oasis is such a fun place to visit when here in Austin. Located on Lake Travis, the views from the restaurants balcony are breathtaking.

indiana-adams-of-adored-austin-texas-style-council:: Tuesday, April 29th ::

Got to hang out with this fab lady and her two adorable daughters. Indiana and I have been friends since before she started blogging at Adored Austin. Since meeting at the first Austin Fashion Week, she has taken blogging by storm and was the founder of Texas Style Council that I attended last August. Let’s just say she’s an all-around awesome person.

lakeway-in-austin-with-downtown-austin-skyline:: Wednesday, April 30th ::

Before leaving Austin, I tagged along with my friend Alan who is a lighting design master! We visited a few of his lighting design job sites today and got to see some of the best views of downtown Austin. You can spot the capital to the left of me, which is where I got engaged. The kicker: we were visiting a 15 million dollar new home being built!

toddler-craze:: Thursday, May 1st ::

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my little, but BOY did he give me some extra gray hairs today. That crazed look on his face says it all.

moving-tip-to-move-clothes:: Friday, May 2nd ::

I’ve come across something similar to this idea when I was browsing Pinterest, and wanted to try this trick when moving my clothes.

Best. Idea. Ever.

I put large kitchen bags with drawstrings over all of my hanging shirts, which not only kept them from getting dirty, but they were so easy to transport when moving. I just laid the bags in my trunk and hauled them over to the new place. Everything stayed in order and was even able to reuse the bags later.

Family_walk_west-side_cincinnati:: Saturday, May 3rd ::

Our last Saturday night walk in the neighborhood. We’re going to miss this place on Devils Backbone but are excited for our next chapter together living in the city!

[Read more about my 52 week #ADayInTheLife project here.]

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 47

Week 47/52 of photos. Per usual – a mix of updating the blog, making jewelry like a crazed- jewelry lady and getting ready to go on a last mini vacation to Austin, Texas before the move.

searching-for-easter-eggs-3-years-old-easter-sunday:: Sunday, April 20th ::

Easter egg hunting. My has this boy changed since last Easter.

Myles-Pippy-Cornish-Rex-cat-bath-time:: Monday, April 21st ::

As we were painting the trim in the kitchen, Pippy decided to walk in the paint tray so we had to give her a bath. Myles was super eager to help! Ha.

cheetah-print-sequins-flats:: Tuesday, April 22nd ::

I’m kind of in love with these sequined cheetah print shoes…

spring-weather-in-cincinnati:: Wednesday, April 23rd ::

Cleaned out our fountain for the last time tonight so I figured if sit outside and enjoy it. It’s really a bittersweet feeling.

like-father-like-son-cutting-the-grass:: Thursday, April 24th ::

Cutting the grass. Like father, like son. I absolutely love this picture.

uc-daap-fashion-show-2014:: Friday, April 25th ::

I had the honor of covering the DAAP fashion show for WCPO. Seeing behind the scenes reminded me so much of being in fashion design school. I miss those days. Here’s my fashion show recap article for WCPO.com 

chuys-tex-mex-in-suatin-texas:: Saturday, April 26th ::

I took a quick trip to Austin, Texas before our move. It was like the calm before the storm. Anyway, my friends know how much I love Chuy’s Tex Mex so that’s the first place we hit. They have really good margaritas!

[Read more about my 52 week #ADayInTheLife project here.]

4th Street Boutique Spring Designer Sale 4/23 – 4/26


You know I love a good sale and this one is no exception. Starting tomorrow, April 23rd through Saturday, April 26th, there’s a nice designer sale taking place at 4th Street Boutique in downtown Cincinnati. If you’ve been following the blog, then you know I have a special place in my heart for 4th Street Boutique; as all the proceeds from sales benefit Dress for Success Cincinnati. (More here).

This sale, formerly known as “The Back Room Designer Sale” includes women’s new and gently used brand name designer labels, contemporary clothing and accessories. Think Armani, Calvin Klein, Etro, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Ann Taylor….

The boutique is open to the public and located at 209 West 4th Street. (It’s the store front in the Textile Building).

Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

For more information, check out the 4th Street Boutique website.

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 46

Week 46/52 of photos. Per usual – a mix of business and fun, preparing to move and Easter celebrations!

low-flying-plane-over-cincinnati:: Sunday, April 13th ::

Watching planes coming in and thought this was a neat shot. They fly so low over our house, especially on Sunday morning. It’s usually the huge cargo planes coming in from overseas but so cool to watch.

fennofashion-custom-pastel-statement-necklace-handmade:: Monday, April 14th ::

Working on some spring custom jewelry for FENNOfashion. This is one of my new favorite necklaces!

cincinnati-snow-in-april:: Tuesday, April 15th ::

While it might look like an April fools prank, it seriously snowed overnight.

cute-rain-boots-from-amazon:: Wednesday, April 16th ::

I scored these rain boots of Amazon out of all places and was so excited when they came in the mail, I had to snap a photo.

(If you’re interested, here’s the link: Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Shoe)

washing-the-tricycle:: Thursday, April 17th ::

Yet another beautiful day… one that is great for washing tricycles!

moving-to-the-banks:: Friday, April 18th ::

We sold a lot of our furniture on Friday, so we like to keeps things classy around here by using banana boxes as our new coffee table.

farm:: Saturday, April 19th ::

When I was 3, I lived in Kentucky and loved to play in the hay; in this very same barn where we took this picture today. It was so neat to take Myles over to my aunt and uncles to allow him to experience some of the great memories I made there. Plus, seeing family and eating lots of food was wonderful as well!

Another great week and can’t wait for next!

[Read more about my 52 week #ADayInTheLife project here.]

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