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Myle-isms: Conversations with my 3-year old


I’ve been thinking about adding our funny conversations to the blog for well over a year. Although, I’m not completely disappointed that I didn’t start blogging about these conversations until now. I’ll  have plenty of time and many more laughs to come.  Plus the more Myles learns, the more humorous our conversations become. Here are… Read more »

Fiesta like there’s no Manana: Myles turns 3!

This year we opted for a super small party complete with a taco bar, cake made out of cupcakes and margaritas for the adults. A nice little fiesta. We don’t plan on having such a small party every year, but this year it just made sense. The famous chalkboard we always decorate for special occasions…. Read more »

Myles’ Room Tour: From Nursery to Toddler

This showcase of my son’s room has literally been three years in the making. I’d take pictures, then something else would come up. My computer crashed in 2012 and I thought I lost everything, only to find the pictures once again on a memory stick. Regardless, I’ve been wanting to do a tour for quite… Read more »

These Two…

These two definitely make my life complete. A big thank you to Jeni Prosser of {framed} for capturing these precious moments while strolling through downtown Cincinnati on a beautiful April Sunday morning.  {Taken in Over-the-Rhine, Downtown Cincinnati and Lytle Park}

Monkey See, Monkey Do! Myles P. Turned Two!

This past weekend we had Myles’ 2nd birthday celebration. It’s hard to believe yet another year has passed. I felt like we *just* had his first birthday party! Anyway, here are just a few pictures of our small but fun, sock monkey themed celebration. I absolutely love this picture. He was having such a great… Read more »

My Friday Baby: Week 78

P.S. Below is a really cute video of Grandpa & Myles swinging while he was visiting South Carolina back in May. The joy this kid has when at a playground is something I wish I could feel and have all day, everyday!

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