Friday Finds & Random Thoughts // 3.24.17

You know those things that you continually transfer from one to-do list to another until you’re finally like, “OKAY FINE! I’ll do it!”. Normally these to-do list items that fall into this category include things like oh you know, rinsing mud off our shoes (which is perpetually on our list because of the new neighborhood […] Read more…

six year old lego themed birthday party photos

Celebrating 6 with a Lego-themed party!

Seriously, I can’t believe my baby turned SIX! When people tell you that time goes by so fast and before you know it, your kiddo will be all grown up, I completely understand what they mean. Sure, Myles is still little and cute, but I’m sure treasuring these moments. This year he requested a LEGO-themed birthday […] Read more…

2017 goals & a fresh start

Reflection & The Best Part of the New Year

While many are eagerly dashing to the gym and hitting up the produce section of the grocery store on a more frequent basis, I often find myself appalled by the whole idea of giving yourself unrealistic expectations. I mean, don’t most people end up only finding themselves frustrated within a month of setting your hopes on […] Read more…


A letter to my Kindergartner & Life Lessons

Dear Myles: It’s still hard for me to grasp that fact that you started Kindergarten this week.  I remember like it was yesterday writing you weekly notes, titled “My Friday Baby”, documenting the milestones you achieved and some of the special moments we shared in the first year of your life. After you reached all of […] Read more…

Back-to-School shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods

 New Season, New Shoes!

[This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods ®. All opinions are my own.] It’s our first year going back-to-school shopping and I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited about it. I love outfitting Mr. Myles, from the new clothes and backpack down to the shoes.   Thankfully we didn’t have to get him too many […] Read more…


Cardinal Rules for Life

I’ve come across similar ‘rules for life’ when searching different inspirational quotes & sayings on Pinterest, but these 7 rules popped out. They resonated with me. Perhaps that’s because the ‘rules’ are vague enough that they can be applied to many situations, circumstances or areas of life. But regardless, I knew I wanted a set to frame. And to […] Read more…

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