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Moving Journey Part 3: Staging the House – Tips, Tricks & Photos

I’ll be upfront. We sold our home in five days for asking price. However, it wasn’t without a hefty amount of work and planning. Our date for moving was finally set and the last thing we wanted to happen was to pay both a mortgage and rent. From there, we worked backwards based on how… Read more »

How to Successfully Sell your Unwanted Stuff Online

Moving Journey Part 2: Selling Away Just to recap, last week I wrote about how I literally touched everything in my home to make sure I wasn’t bringing anything I didn’t want with me when we moved – as we lost hundreds of square feet and really, why pay to move something you don’t want?… Read more »

Our Moving Journey Part 1: The Decision & Decluttering


I’ve had so many comment on how I should post more details about our choice to move from a house in the suburbs to a much smaller apartment in the city. [Here’s the original story on our decision I posted in March] It wasn’t a decision that was made quickly. We really thought about it and… Read more »

DIY: Picture Frames turned Jewelry Displays Tutorial

Just about a year ago, I pinned this photo of my jewelry being displayed at a boutique here locally in Cincinnati. Since then, I’ve had so many questions about where I purchased them or if it’s a long time blog follower – they pretty much assume this is just another one of my DIY projects…. Read more »

The Many Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

This post is a re-run from last year; but one that I definitely think is worth sharing again. Coconut oil is truly amazing and can be used for everything from beauty regimes to healthy cooking. Read on to see all the many things you can do with this special oil. After using coconut oil for… Read more »

DIY: Make your Own Disinfecting Wipes + More!

With flu season upon us, I thought this would be a could post to re-blog. It was originally published August, 2012 for and this blog.  ——————————————————————————————- I don’t know about you but I can really go through those tubes of disinfecting wipes, which over time, can begin to add up! So when I went on my… Read more »

New Year & a New Mindset: Letting Go

Back in early December, I was invited to attend a TEDtalk for WCPO-TV and Scripps employees. It was pretty last minute, but decided to attend anyway. Besides, who couldn’t use some inspiration in their lives, right? For those of you unfamiliar with TEDx, they host events including live talks, performers, and videos to spark “Ideas Worth… Read more »

DIY: Super Easy & Creative Gift Wrap

In preparation for the new year and well…just in general, I’ve been trying to live with less. I went through drawers of fabric from college that I’ve moved around the country with me. I found stamps from when I taught stamping classes at Michael’s Arts & Crafts…twine from this lantern… The list goes on. Anyway,… Read more »

Pinterest: Leading to Pin “Stress”?

I wanted to share the news story that went along with my previous blog post, Pinterest Projects: DIY Disasters + My Favorites. It goes to show, even the crafty ones can mess up something that seems relatively simple! [click full screen on the bottom right corner to see the news clip full screen]   Like this:Like… Read more »

Pinterest Projects: DIY Disasters + My Favorites

We all know that there are some pretty intense projects on Pinterest. While we would all love for every project we attempt to turn out just like the beautiful photos we see, sometimes getting there is inevitable. I mean,  there are even websites solely dedicated to the Pinterest  DIY’s that don’t go so well, such… Read more »

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