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Closing the last chapter

It feels like I’m closing the last chapter of my medical year from hell, to frankly put it; as Friday my ‘return to work’ form was officially signed by my doctor. I start back the first week in August. This past year has been incredibly challenging. (If you need to catch up, here’s the blog posts for surgery… Read more »

The 4th (and hopefully final) surgery in 10 months

This month has been hard. Really hard. If using some sort of technologically advance time hop, I would’ve most definitely opted not to remember this month. Thankfully it’s coming to an end and I pray that in July, my health will start to turn the corner and I can start to once again enjoy   the things… Read more »

A trip to Belize complete with an Ovarian Torsion

The title says it all and let me tell you, it was just as pleasant as it sounds. I feel like this once ‘fashion blog’ turned into a medical update blog instead, but until I can get myself together again, I’ve accepted that it’s just the way things are going to be. When I’m not sick,… Read more »

5 weeks later: My 2nd birth experience, but this time it wasn’t a baby.

If you know of my past and that whole ‘giving birth to a child‘ ordeal 3 1/2 years ago, it’s no surprise I’ve had my fair share of, let’s just call them lady issues. No person should ever have to go through 56 hours of labor. Ever. While the doctors at the time said there may… Read more »

New in the City: Nicole Marie Studio

 Photo credit: Kareem Elgazzar | WCPO I’m absolutely in love with this photo that was taken for work. Not only does it capture my personality, but has my favorite city in the background and a bonus, it was a great hair day! When I posted this picture on Facebook a few weeks ago, I again, received… Read more »

Moving Journey Part 3: Staging the House – Tips, Tricks & Photos

I’ll be upfront. We sold our home in five days for asking price. However, it wasn’t without a hefty amount of work and planning. Our date for moving was finally set and the last thing we wanted to happen was to pay both a mortgage and rent. From there, we worked backwards based on how… Read more »

How to Successfully Sell your Unwanted Stuff Online

Moving Journey Part 2: Selling Away Just to recap, last week I wrote about how I literally touched everything in my home to make sure I wasn’t bringing anything I didn’t want with me when we moved – as we lost hundreds of square feet and really, why pay to move something you don’t want?… Read more »

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 52

Week 52/52 photos! I’ve officially made it an entire year taking or using a photo taken around me on that exact date and put it here on the blog to share. I have a post HERE where I reflect on the #ADayInTheLife Project and whatI have in store for my next personal blogging challenge. This has… Read more »

Our Moving Journey Part 1: The Decision & Decluttering


I’ve had so many comment on how I should post more details about our choice to move from a house in the suburbs to a much smaller apartment in the city. [Here’s the original story on our decision I posted in March] It wasn’t a decision that was made quickly. We really thought about it and… Read more »

#ADayInTheLife Project: Week 51

Eek! Almost to the last week of my #ADayInTheLife Project! Week 51/52 photos. We’re still having a blast exploring everything that’s around our new home! :: Sunday, May 18th :: I’m sorry but kind of not sorry for taking so many pictures of my cat. I mean, she’s a great subject and always doing weird… Read more »

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