It’s a question that often comes up when you meet someone. Whether it’s small talk or genuine interest, the question always arises, “What do you do?”

I am fortunate enough to answer ‘I blog’. The response to my simple two-word answer usually comes with raised eyebrows, a puzzled look and multiple follow up questions.

“How does that work?” and “Oh … so you write online like a journal?!”

It’s definitely been easier to explain over the past 8 years as blogging has become more popular, but I can remember when I told people in 2008 that I blogged and more often than not, they had NO idea what I was talking about.

Was it a sport? A new social media site like that weird thing called Twitter that was in the works?

Needless to say, I’m slightly relieved blogging has become more streamlined; allowing me to spare that long speel.

But as stated earlier, I consider myself fortunate to give those interested in what I do a short two-word answer. I earned it.  After having mastered the ‘elevator pitch’, it’s a nice simple change that encompasses so much.

I first started blogging as a free marketing supplement for FENNOfashion, but quickly learned there was so much more to it then just sharing behind-the-scene photos, what my inspiration was and my newest designs.

When I attended Savannah College of Art and Design, I learned to appreciate that everyone has a unique creative process and the art of that alone gave me energy and inspiration.

That feeling of inspiration was something I hoped to share with others. While sharing my designs and inspiration led to establishing a online community of support with like-minded virtual friends, I wanted to go bigger. I wanted to inspire more people and help them. Whether it was a new jewelry making tool that became a game-changer or how I decorated my apartment in Austin, it was something I felt needed to be shared.

After taking a rather long hiatus. Or only posting here and there over the past several years due to the surgeries and illness. Or that Ive been writing for the TV station I work for, I felt like a part of me was missing. This blog is my little creative outlet that goes with my It’s my creative outlet. My place to document life. And so far, it hasn’t let me down. I’ve learned so much, gained so many valuable relationships and hope that if you’re reading this, that you’re able to take something away whether being left feeling empowered, ready to take on a new DIY project, learned a new life hack or just can relate to what life can sometimes be like when you have a rambunctious little boy.

For questions, comments or you just feel like saying ‘hi!’, leave a comment below or you can always send over am email:

Thanks as always for reading. It’s what keeps me going!

XO, Megan