Ever since I decided last month to break out the watercolors to make this heart collage for Valentine’s Day, it made me think that I should make it a goal to do some sort of painting every couple of months. I absolutely love to paint, and if I can inspire others to make small goals to become a little more creative in the process, then it’s certainly a win-win!

Then I had one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments while working on some jewelry this morning, thinking “Why not make this some sort of free printable art so others can enjoy it as well?”

So there you have it. Not only am I sharing my latest seasonal painting I added to the collage wall near our entryway,  but I also wanted to give you the option to download the painting in case you were feeling like it might be time to infuse a little spring into your home decor! I know how sometimes it can be challenging to find just the right photos or art to frame and thought this painting is not only perfect for spring, but is also simple and versatile — in the sense that it can go with whatever style you have going on in your home and hey, it’s free!

And if anything, it can serve as a nice little reminder that spring is indeed right around the corner and who doesn’t love that? Enjoy!


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