Evereve is on a mission and that’s to break through the stereotypes and in fact prove that moms are the most fashionable people we know. 

This stylish retailer is right and to find out for myself, I paid a visit to my nearest Evereve store located in Rookwood Commons on the east side of Cincinnati. 

Upon entering, I was greeted with smiling faces and offered assistance should I have any questions or was looking for something in particular. 

One of the first things I noticed was a sign pictured below. 

I don’t know about you, but this empowering message definitely set me in the shopping mood. What mom wouldn’t want to embrace her power and beauty, right ladies?

What I find nice about Evereve is that the retailer carries a nice variety of clothing. It’s not too much to the point it’s overwhelming, but as I was on the search for the perfect fall jacket, I loved that I had options for different styles, prints and materials. 

 The curated collection of fashionable tops is noteworthy too. From graphic tees to flattering peplum tops, I had a difficult time resisting the urge to fill my dressing room with one of each!

If you’re looking for a deal, then you won’t want to miss the “last chance” rack, filled with fun print blouses perfect for layering to classic jeans and tops suitable for fall. 

Evereve also carries a variety of accessories, meaning this could be your next favorite one-stop shop to complete your entire look, literally from head to toe. 

Because Evereve caters to moms, its goal is to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment. Sure, it can be a challenge if you have your kiddos in tow, so each Evereve store offers a children’s play area equipped with both toys and snacks. 

And if you’re a mom where your child may be too small to enjoy the play area, the dressing rooms are spacious enough that you could easily try on outfits and still have enough room for your little one to join you. 

While I didn’t have Myles with me on this particular shopping trip, I did take advantage of the spacious dressing rooms when trying on all of the cute outfits I discovered.  

But more than the ample dressing room space, what I think I loved the most is how all of Evereve’s collection of clothing fits. I thought I was perhaps just having a streak of good luck, but it turns out, Evereve actually sources items that are made specifically for moms in mind. The higher rise denim means you won’t have to keep pulling your jeans up when you’re on the floor playing with your kids and the tops are long enough that there’s no need to worry about showing off too much when pairing them with leggings. 

The stylists were super helpful too. I tried on things I’d normally never wear, and actually liked all of it!

And, I ended up getting adorable these adorable Biker Skinnies in Gray, a versatile white shirt that has a great fit and can be paired with just about anything, plus a fun leopard print hoodie! 

So if you’re a mom on a mission to refine your personal style or perhaps just add a few new pieces to your fall wardrobe, I highly recommend making a trip to your nearest Evereve. The thoughtful layout of the store, the collection of style the store carries combined with the help of friendly stylists will definitely make your trip worthwhile. ☺️


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