It’s been a busy yet productive week (or two) over here in the Fenno household! Instead of writing out my Friday Finds & Random Thoughts post last week, I ended up launching my newest spring jewelry collection, “Pretty Pastels” in place of it. The response has been so wonderful and I’m continually grateful for those who’ve been supporting my little business over the years. It allows me to keep doing what I love.


So to kick things off, I’ll start by saying we added a new family member! It wasn’t really a planned thing, but when my mom and I went to a cat show on Easter, it was sort of a ‘love at first site’ moment. The show, which was a weekend event, had cat breeders from all over the region come together so they can show their cats. I assume it’s not too common to have cats for sale at these shows, because there was only one, I do know that as soon as I picked up this 8 month old red-furred cat and heard her purr, I sort of fell in love.

But the obstacle I’d had to overcome is getting John on board. After sending him a quick text to sort of ‘feel out’ the situation, I quickly got an “UGH” in response. So I left the idea of possibly bringing the beautiful Abysinian cat home — alone. Just while I was holding her, the breeder handed another woman a contract, which is the first step in the adoption process, so my idea of taking her home was starting to look less and less likely. It’s okay, because I knew if it was meant to be, it would be. It took me a long time to master that life lesson, but I’ve noticed that having that attitude towards not just potentially taking a cat home, but for everything in life, has served me well. 


Long story short, my mom and I walked around the rest of the cat show, watched some of the judges determine which cat was cutest or fluffiest, then grabbed some lunch and headed home. It was Easter, so the ‘bunny’ had stopped by and we still needed to conduct an Easter egg hunt. In passing I told John how much I enjoyed holding that Abyssinian cat. He must have saw a sparkle in my eyes, because he started to ask questions. It was not even 30 minutes later and after a call to the breeder to see if she was even still available, we were in the car and heading about 20 miles north of Cincinnati to bring her home. And the rest is history. It’s been a little bit of an adjustment for everyone, but we’re so happy to have miss Abiliene, which was a name that Myles actually came up with over dinner the night we brought her home. And don’t worry, we still made sure that Myles got to go on his Easter egg hunt. He just happened to get more than he could’ve bargained for this particular Easter Sunday. 

In other news, we did celebrate Easter the Saturday before. It’s a tradition to get together with my family on my aunt and uncle’s farm in Crittenden, Kentucky. I always enjoy spending time out there, not just because of the great company, but because I had spent some time when I was younger living on that farm, so the nostalgic feelings and reminders of part of my childhood are always comforting and welcomed. 

On the work front, here’s some of the articles I’ve wrote over the last week or so.


And tomorrow I’m heading to Chicago for a girls weekend tomorrow so I’ve been looking forward to that. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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