Here's the story behind the new Mystic Timbers roller coaster at Kings Island

Let’s get down to the real question so many have been wondering. The question people have been eagerly awaiting the answer to since the news broke that Kings Island is adding a new roller coaster to the park for their 45th season.

What’s in the shed? I mean REALLY, what is in that shed?!


And all I can tell you is, it’s a lot of things. And each time you take a joy ride through the woods where Mystic Timbers was constructed, you’ll probably find that what you thought was in the shed, probably isn’t going to be the same thing your friends encountered.


The background story of Mystic Timbers comes from a fun concept. Another reason why so many amusement park fanatics and fans of Kings Island are eagerly anticipating the debut of the ride for Kind Islands opening day this Saturday.

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The story is that in April of 1983, employees of the Miami River Lumber Company stumbled upon this abandoned shed. Isolated and surrounded only by dark and mysterious forest, the logging operators thought it’d be the perfect place to set up shop and build their new company.

There were a couple reports of disappearances since their discovery of the mysterious shed, but that didn’t hold the company back from opening. With that said, Miami River Lumber Company proudly opened their doors on April 15, 1983. While it should have been a proud day filled with celebration, many reported hearing the workers screaming while literally running for their lives. Moving so fast away from the shed, they even ended up  up wrecking their truck in the process, which still sits today near the entrance of the ride. 

Looking for any possible clues and to what could’ve happened in that shed to make the employees working there run for their lives, well that continues to remain a mystery. But since that day, 34 years ago, the shed has remained abandoned. Until now. 

That’s pretty good story, right? I could see this plot line being used for a horror film one day, but in the mean time, it’s a roller coaster and a pretty fun one, too.

Kings Island, in partnership with Cedar Fair, created the ride Mystic Timbers as a way to bring modern technology into something as classic as a wooden roller coaster. With compelling and immersive storytelling and a multi-sensory experience, Kings Island hit the jackpot once again with this cutting edge new wooden coaster.

So you might be wondering, how was the ride? Let me tell you — It. Was. Amazing.

Rolling across 3,265 feet of track, the coaster tops out at speeds of 53 MPH. The views are pretty nice as we coasted up to the top of the first drop, which stands at 109 feet. 

Taking a 54-degree angled turn, I’d say the first drop is probably the most intense. But there’s a total of 16 airtime hills, meaning the fun lasts throughout the entire fast-speed ride. 

Here’s a fun video from my first ride with my coworker from Cox Media. Just watching it to laugh at our facial expressions is worth your time!

And did you know, it took 330,000 board feet of southern yellow pine lumber in addition to 30,000 pounds of nails combined with 88,000 bolts & washers to build what stands as Mystic Timbers today. 

Here's the story behind the new Mystic Timbers roller coaster at Kings Island-3

So if you’re ready to experience the thrill ride yourself, the coaster will be open to riders (48″ or taller) starting this Saturday, when Kings Island opens the gates to the public for their 45th season in operation. 

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