Nothing’s cuter than an adorable baby girl in fancy headband, except perhaps if that headband wasn’t just a headband that you could get anywhere, but one that was handmade and held special sentimental meaning.

My friend Lindsey came to me with the idea of using bits and pieces of fabrics and lace taken from family heirlooms and other important occasions over the decades to make her daughter a headband for her Baptism.

After rummaging through her box of keepsakes, and her mom’s too, she found the perfect assortment of what we transformed into the perfect headband for Miss Amelia’s special day. how-to-make-baby-headbandSo here are some of the things Lindsey brought me, including a swatch of lace from her wedding veil and then lace from her grandmother’s wedding veil. She brought me a pin from her mother’s First Communion dress and the satin buttons were from the sleeves of her grandmother’s wedding dress. The one flower was from her mom’s wedding bouquet and another was from her First Communion. 

By stretching the lace band part of the headband over a piece of cardboard, I was then able to play around with the different materials and lay out what I thought paired pieces of lace I decided to cinch together while other pieces I either trimmed down or decided not to use.DIY-making-a-baby-headband-for-baptismBecause the lace from her grandmother’s wedding veil was very fragile and starting to disintegrate, I thought that by making it into a flower, it’d make it studier and the chances of it breaking apart were less likely. sewing-baby-flower-on-headbandOnce I had everything laid out in the the right place, then it was time to carefully sew it all into place. Because of the delicate nature of most of the items, I didn’t even consider using a sewing machine but rather hand-sewed everything into place. DIY-baby-headband-white-laceThankfully we were able to use most of the items Lindsey brought me without the headband looking too “over-done”. I think it was just the right size and it matched Miss Amelia’s baptism dress so well.

Although, it’s easy to make anything look good when your this cute!baby-headband-for-baptism


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