You know those things that you continually transfer from one to-do list to another until you’re finally like, “OKAY FINE! I’ll do it!”. Normally these to-do list items that fall into this category include things like oh you know, rinsing mud off our shoes (which is perpetually on our list because of the new neighborhood we live in) or sweeping the basement floor. You get what I mean, I’m talking about those things that sound anything but delightful. But this, the idea of starting a weekly column titled “Friday Finds” has been transferred from list to list for almost a YEAR.

The excuses were that I wasn’t ready to introduce something new because I already have too much on my plate. I still need to blog about my house updates, which is true but I mean, sometimes you just have to jump into something whether your ready or not. And if that’s not the story of life then I don’t know what is.

So long introduction aside, I wanted to introduce the newest weekly blog post I’m titling “Friday Finds & Random Thoughts”. Because it’s just that. It’s a weekly synopsis of what I’m thinking, doing, feeling, researching, reading, watching, cooking, and making. It’s a little glimpse into my life, because sometimes I forget that the reason I started this blog was for me. The intention was to document those little things in life that otherwise may be forgotten. The funny things Myles says. The dinner John and I cooked together or the the flowers blooming on our bushes in the front yard.

Let this serve as a reminder, not just for myself but for everyone, to stop and enjoy the little things that make life great. mi-homes-fenno-house-greenshire-commonsI can’t believe that yesterday marked one year that we’ve been living in our new home. The builder, M/I Homes is top-knotch, so when they asked if I’d be willing to share our family’s story, I was more than happy to do so.

So I might’ve not officially announced it, but I’ve been writing for Simplemost and Don’t Waste Your Money since January and it’s been a blast. Scripps Media has always had a special place in my heart since I started working for them back in 2013 and I’m quite thrilled to be back working with them in this capacity. 

Here’s some of the stories I’ve written over the last week:

And this one was a beast to write:  

These Are The Most Popular Disney Channel Original Movies in Every State


I’ve also been working on finalizing my newest spring line of jewelry, which features various shades of pastels, lots of sparkling components and one of a kind stone pieces. The piece above is one of the sneak peek photos I posted on Instagram over the weekend.


The whole family worked on Myles’ book report. Let me be honest, I thought we had WAY more time until these type of projects came around. I seriously don’t remember working on book reports in Kindergarten and neither does my mom, but we had fun and Myles talked about one of his favorite books, “Rosie’s Run Through Red’s Country”.


My mom, Myles and I all went to “The Greatest Show on Earth” performance by the Ringling Bros. Circus. It’s sad to think that was the last time the circus will be in Cincinnati, but I’m glad we were able to catch it. The acrobatics and performers never seize to amaze me. 

And to conclude, I really like a lot of the ideas on this website for landscape design, especially the privacy ‘fence’ made out of tall grass in large pots.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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