cincinnati-reds-great-america-ball-parkFor many of us, home is not only where our heart resides, but it’s so much more. It’s about the people we interact with, the overall sense of the hometown pride we feel and the place where we spend the majority of our time living, working and playing.

And if you’ve been reading this blog, then you probably know that I’m all about some home town pride *raises wrist to show off my Ohio tattoo*, which is why the first time I saw the Cincinnati Bell commercial featuring local entrepreneurs and beautiful shots of the Roebling, I was intrigued. 

It’s not often that you’ll find larger companies willing to invest so much into their hometown, but Cincinnati Bell has made it their mission when launching their newest campaign #CincyGive.roebling-bridge-t-shirt-cincinnati-bell-cincy-giveAs part of their newest campaign, Cincinnati Bell partnered with My State Threads, a local state pride apparel company, to create these one-of-a-kind t-shirts highlighting our beautiful Roebling Bridge. You can purchase it for $20 knowing that all of the proceeds will be given to one of four local charities including the USO of Central and Southern Ohio, the Dragonfly Foundation, CancerFree KIDS, and SPCA Cincinnati. Roebling-Suspension-Bridge-Cincinnati-Bell-T-Shirt-ConceptFor almost as long as the Roebling Bridge has been around, so has Cincinnati Bell, dedicating time and resources to enrich the Queen City.  

They’ve helped us stay connected, which is what truly matters in life, right? It’s about being able to connect with those we love spending time with most. And perhaps that means catching a Red’s game on a mid-summer evening, or indulging in chocolate-dipped waffle cone filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream at Graeter’s near Fountain Square. Regardless of what it is you like to do to stay connected within our community, Cincinnati Bell understands the importance. 



So not only did Cincinnati Bell launch the #CincyGive campaign, but they also developed the Connect Cincinnati app. The multi-functional app allows you to tap into free Wi-Fi at some our our city’s  favorite local hangouts including Great American Ball ParkThe BanksU.S. Bank Arena and Fountain Square — to name a few. 

Actually, here’s where you can view the entire list of places with free Wi-Fi courtesy of Cincinnati Bell. 

But probably my favorite feature in the Connect Cincinnati app is the ability to discover new local businesses. When you download the app and open it for the first time, you’ll be prompted to add in some of your interests. There’s quite a few to choose from —  whether it be that you’re into arts & theater, local music, sports, nightlife or in my case, food!

Then based on your personal interests, the app will then make suggestions on things to do or places to visit around the city. connect-cincinnati-app-cincinnati-bell-free-wifiI mean, check out this map I took a screenshot of. How fun that the app highlights fun places I have yet to discover in almost every different neighborhood in Cincinnati!

Not only do I now get suggestions based on my interests, but I can also learn about local events taking place —  from trivia nights to fashion shows — that I may have never heard about. 

Let’s talk coupons, because that’s another fun perk you’ll find within the app. From saving 10% at local joints like Sundry + Vice to deals at fitness studios to work off all of that delicious food, there’s plenty of deals to be had for everyone. 

You can also discover new events and businesses by location, so if you’re somewhere downtown and using the free wi-fi through the app, you’ll be able to pick the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, while saving money and perhaps discovering your new favorite restaurant. 

Giving back to the community is probably one of the best things you can to benefit our city and thankfully, there’s a company that understands the importance of community and small business. By having an app that connects those in the community to local businesses and establishments, in turn,  allows those businesses to thrive. To be discovered. And for the rest of us, to maybe find that new favorite place where we can connect. Because after all, to me, that’s what’s most important. It’s the people we spend our lives with and to me,  that’s what truly matters.

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