Seriously, I can’t believe my baby turned SIX! When people tell you that time goes by so fast and before you know it, your kiddo will be all grown up, I completely understand what they mean. Sure, Myles is still little and cute, but I’m sure treasuring these moments.

This year he requested a LEGO-themed birthday party and since we have the space  with the new house, I was up for the challenge. After all, Myles will only turn six once, plus it’s nice to see all of our friends and family together!

The party was a hit. And I even managed to bake my first cake. I can’t say that it was perfect, but it tasted good and that’s what counts, right?lego birthday invitationHere’s a peek at the party invitations I made and sent out. I even made him his own little LEGO-themed return address labels. 

This cake, or rather cakes …  Like I mentioned, I’ve never baked a cake before and while I feel confident following a recipe and whipping up a nice dinner, I feel like baking is an entirely different beast. Initially, I had planned to stack all of the cakes, but as the second layer of “LEGOS” started to look like they were leaning a bit, I wanted to err on the side of caution. So we ended up having the one main cake, which was two layers, then three smaller LEGO-brick birthday cake homemade lego birthday cake - megan fennoI mean, the cake wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but it worked and Myles was happy because he requested that I made the cake over purchasing one from the store. chocolate covered pretzels with sprinklesWe also made a HUGE batch of chocolate covered pretzels complete with brightly colored sprinkles and yes, they were delicious and they looked. water bottle labels for kids birthday party - megan fennoI also made some water bottle labels to go with the LEGO-themed party. I thought they were pretty cute and it was easy enough to do. party favor gift bagsOne of Myles’ favorite things while prepping for the party was being able to spend hours in a little party shop picking out the favors for all of his friends. Here in Cincinnati, there’s this locally owned party store, Cappel’s, and they just have aisles and aisles of different themed party favors, candies, toys and other fun little trinkets. It’s also fun for me to take him, because I went to that same little shop when I was a child and have such wonderful memories shopping with my mom when I was Myles’ age. lego party drink station - megan fennoWe had pizza and salad at the party too, so for the silverware, I ended up separating the forks, spoons and knives and divided them all between six mason jars that I picked up at Michael’s. To add a little bit of ‘cuteness’ to them, I tied primary colored ribbon around each jar. lego themed boys birthday partyA glimpse of the little area where I put the party favor bags for the kids and also the chalkboard art I drew for the party. 6 year old birthday partyEverything set to sing Happy Birthday! tin letter home decorI purchased these metal letters at Michael’s about a month ago for Myles’ room, but thought they’d be cute downstairs in the dining room for his party, so I put them up on top of the big dresser we themed birthday partyBy this point, he was a little overwhelmed with everyone singing to him! lego themed birthday cakeBut he was happy to have his little friends help him take the candles out of the cake. myles birthday partyNo caption necessary. lego bookAfter we sang and ate cake, then it was time to open presents. I designated a little table in the family room, so those who needed to sit down could have a seat on the couch or chairs and it also gave us enough room for Myles’ little friends to crowd around and help him open all the awesome presents he received. They were all SO cute and excited. new york book

opening presents

6th birthday party card

matchbox carAnd after presents, the kids played (or rather glued themselves to John’s legs momentarily) while others enjoyed a second helping of cake. birthday partyMyles’ friends also really enjoyed playing in his Christmas present, which was this clubhouse John built him in the basement. That’s going to be in another blog post soon once it’s completely finished. It’s almost there – and was at least put together enough for Myles’ and his friends to safety play in. basement club houseI also made a bunch of these large LEGO bricks using shipping boxes I was collecting since Christmas. While I had hoped to get some more pictures of them, I completely forgot and before I knew it, they were pretty much destroyed after all of the kids played with them.
lego_boxWhich means, if you’re reading this in hopes to find inspiration for a LEGO-themed party, these LEGO boxes are cute, easy to make and a big hit with the kiddos. All I did was wrap empty shipping boxes in solid colored wrapping paper I picked up at the dollar store and used matching colored poster board for the tops. 

All in all, I’d say the party was a success and all of the kids had a great time!Lego party ideas for a boys birthday party - pinterestPlus, a HUGE thank you to Lindsey of Posh Pixels Design for capturing all these beautiful photos for us! 

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