Kicking the Sugar Habit - Tips, Tricks & What I Did

If one of your New Year resolutions was to become a healthier version of you, then reducing your sugar intake is probably a good place to start. It doesn’t seem like something that’d be that hard, right? Well, if it were that easy, people would be putting cookie stores and cupcake shops out of business in exchange for a trimmer waistline a long time ago.

It was a surprise to learn that sugar stimulates that same receptors that heroin and morphine do. And another interesting fact I learned from Dr. Oz was that sugar’s not only side effect is weight gain, but it also increases your risk of a diagnosis with heart disease, kidney damage and even cancer. I’m sure that you’d have to consume a LOT of sugar, but you know, it’s something to keep in the back of your mind if kicking a sugar habit is really something you are considering. 
While I’m certainly no expert, this is my second time around that I’ve completely eliminated sugar (aside from natural sugar in fruit) from my diet. Now 10 days strong, I can tell you it’s been no easy feat. BUT, it is possible. And to add to the misery, I also cut out all pop (both diet and regular) and all carbs. But just for a month. 
I feel like February 1st can come soon enough, but in the meantime, here are some of the things I’ve done to help curve those unbearable cravings. I didn’t say that these tips helped get rid of them entirely, but they do help.
Stevia Sweet Drops in Multiple Flavors
Invest in multiple flavors of stevia
In case you’re unaware of Stevia, it’s similar to artificial sweetener, but much healthier for you.  An article from Medical News Today even says that the sweet plant extract can help reduce certain types of cancer. On the flip side though, I have heard that using artificial sweeteners can sometimes actually trigger you into wanting something sweetened with real sugar. While I don’t believe I’ve experienced that, it is something to keep in mind.  Above it the five pack I purchased on Amazon. It only does a few drops go a long way, but they’re actually really good! 
Tips for Kicking a Sugar Habit
Add more fruit to your meals
Fruit is naturally sweet and can easily help trick your taste buds to think that they’re getting sweets, which will in turn help shut down some of those powerful cravings.
Even adding sweet fruit to your everyday meals can help you resist reaching for the desserts.
Cosi Science Museum in Columbus, OH
Distract Yourself
I just knew the first day of my no-sugar, no-carbs not pop month long challenge was going to be tough, and with Myles’ still out of school for the new year, we decided to take a trip up to Columbus, Ohio to visit the fun science museum, COSI.
So that may be a little extreme as far as distractions go, but there’s so many other things you could do if you’re having a hard time. Take a walk. Call a friend. Clean the house. Whatever you do, I’ve found that moving around has been the best distraction. Anyway, doing something other than hanging around the kitchen torturing yourself is probably best. 
I’m not saying in anyway that this is going to be easy, because currently speaking from experience, I’d do some crazy things to get my hands on some sweets. But remember, as hard as it is now, it WILL get better.
Those cravings will eventually subside, in turn leaving you with a slimmer waistline and a bad habit that you can successfully say you’ve left behind in 2017.
Any other tips you have for reducing your sugar intake?

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