2017 goals & a fresh start While many are eagerly dashing to the gym and hitting up the produce section of the grocery store on a more frequent basis, I often find myself appalled by the whole idea of giving yourself unrealistic expectations. I mean, don’t most people end up only finding themselves frustrated within a month of setting your hopes on a new and healthier version of yourself by months end?  Though I assume one month of eating clean and exercising can help offset the month of December  — when we all seem to indulge while in the holiday spirit —  but still. 

Okay so maybe appalled is a little too strong of a work and listen, I’m surely not here to rain on anyones parade and I certainly applaud those who feel the need to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m honestly doing the same thing, but cutting out all sugars and any type of pop, but just for a month to help ‘reset’ myself. However, I will share that my favorite part of the beginning of a new year is not so much the ‘eating healthy and hitting the gym more often’ aspect, but the ability to hypothetically wipe the slate clean and the idea of starting fresh.

It’s the little things like starting a clean new spreadsheet to help track business expenses, the unscratched cover and crisp edges of a brand new planner. It’s the idea that we have an entire new year ahead of us, filled with the ability to start from the beginning of something. It’s exciting too, because you’re eagerly awaiting those wonderful moments of life that you’re still treasuring from the years past. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what’s been working in your life, and which things you like to change or grow from. 

The past three years for me have been nothing short of a whirl-wind of surgeries after other related health issues and hospital stays. And having *knocks on the biggest piece of wood I have*  the majority of 2016 living a much simpler and less chaotic lifestyle to allow myself to completely heal, I still believe my perspective on life has been completely changed forever, which is probably for the best!

For one, I learned to let go of things. During one of my drug-induced medical leaves post-surgery, I had the bright idea to transfer all of my old blog posts from the past EIGHT years and move them to a different blog, only to then transfer them one by one, resizing the photos along the way onto this blog so they’d fit in the new template I had recently switched to. I mean, seriously, what in the WORLD was I thinking?! Or not thinking? I know I was on a hefty dose of pain killers at the time, but what a terrible mistake I made. While it sounds simple enough for me to just transfer the posts back into the blog, it isn’t just that simple. Not only was the formatting all out of sorts, but the pictures somehow became small and pixelated. While what I did to my blog was back in 2015, I spent a lot of time kicking myself for it in 2016. It messed up everything, from an SEO standpoint to having my blog page views plummet. 

BUT, you live and you learn. While I’ve been making progress on slowly adding these posts back to this blog, I also need to learn to let go of what’s been done, understand the situation for what it is and to compromise. By compromise, I promised myself for every step backwards that I took by adding an old post back to the blog,  I also needed to continue to take a step forward. I don’t know why, but that seems a lot harder than it really is. 

The other thing I learned was that it’s never too late. So maybe I didn’t do the best job at keeping up with consistently blogging last year. But using my ‘letting things go” mentality, I’m not going to continue to beat myself up over it, but instead be thankful that I was able to take the time away from working to take care of myself after the years of my health-related-issue rollercoaster. 

So as the holidays have come to an end, and we have that extra time on these blustery long January nights, it’s nice to hit that reset button and start fresh. Which is exactly what I’ve been planning to do. I’m excited to almost have my content calendar for the year nearly complete. And I’m also pretty excited to share some of the many DIY projects that’ve been in the works, new house updates and the progress we’ve made. But most importantly, I’m ready to capture and share those little moments in-between, which after all, the MAIN reason I started this little blog way back in 2008. 

Sometimes it takes a lot of overthinking and refection to only realize, there was nothing wrong with the way things were before. Am I right?

So as you continue to strive to keep up with all of your new years resolutions, remember not to beat yourself up, let things go and I guarantee, you’ll live a much happier and healthier life.Motivation to Let Go Cheers to a brand new year filled with infinite possibilities, good health and happiness! 

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