This post was sponsored by Nioxin. All opinions are my own. How Nioxin Hair Regrowth System Works If you’ve been a follower of the blog, you probably know or have read about my surgeries, 12, 3 and 4. And somewhere in there I’m sure I’ve mentioned after dealing with sudden hormone issues, that I’ve also experienced some hair loss.

So back in August, I was approached to see if I’d be interested in using Nioxin to try and help aid new hair growth. The decision was a no-brainer.  I was just really excited to give this product I’ve heard so many great things about, a try.

Fast-forward to four months later, and I’ve successfully been using the product for 90 days. The bottom line: This product really works! Nioxin Challenge A few days after I started using the product, I went to the park with my good friend for a barre class. Because the class was being held at the park to help celebrate the grand opening of the business, there were also a lot of other cute little local businesses set up in the park to help spread word about their companies, including a braid bar. Excited to have the opportunity to have my hair braided, I dashed right to the area where they were all set up.

I had my friend snap a quick photo of my hair so I could see what it looked like, but seriously, all i could see were the thinning spots! You seem them too, right? They’re there! And while I loved the braid, I didn’t love seeing the thinning spots in my hair.

And that’s pretty much when I knew I made the right decision to try Nioxin and writing honestly here, it didn’t disappoint. 

It was easy to apply and it was just as easy to remember to apply it nightly. I just incorporated the process into my nightly routine, you know, of washing my face, taking pills and brushing my teeth.

Anyway, the results pretty much speak for themselves. Below are a few close up’s of the new hair growth coming in.Nioxin Hair Growth System - working

So if you were ever on the fence about trying this product, thought you’d be too young to see the results or just are wishing for fuller hair, Nioxin is the perfect product for you. 

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