DIY: Make your own Tabletop TorchesHave you ever thought of creating your own refillable tabletop torch?

I came across this DIY project where you can make your own oil lamps. Using that as inspiration, I then looked up a way that you can use the same concept but as a bug repellent to use while hanging outside during the summer months.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • An empty bottle or two.
  • Tiki Torch Fuel. I found this at a local hardware store. Because it only came in one size for around $10.00, I decided to make two of these and give one to our neighbor.
  • 3/8″ METAL washer
  • Small rocks or gravel to fill the bottom of the bottle.
  • Tiki Torch refillable Wicks. Mine were $2.75 for a two-pack.
  • A small funnel to fill the bottles with Tiki Fuel.
  • Something to aid you in removing the labels off the bottles like Goo Gone

* I made two for a little under $15. The Tiki Fuel will typically come in a large enough container that it will be enough to fill two empty bottles. Plus, the refill wicks come in a package of two.


Drink up or find some empty wine/liquor bottles and remove the labels. I used a Jim Beam bottle and a wine bottle for the two torches I made. Both bottles I soaked overnight in warm soapy water. The labels peeled off by themselves for the most part, but whatever sticky residue was left I used Goo Gone on and that did the trick.

Fill your bottles about 1/3 of the way up with gravel or small pebbles.

Using a funnel, pour the Tiki Fuel into your bottle, making sure to be extra careful and not to fill it up all the way. If you fill it to the top, then it will overflow when you add the wick. (Trust me on this one).

Lastly, slip the 3/8″ metal washer over the Tiki Refill Wick and place it inside the bottle.

How easy is that? I love that these are a little more decorative and unique versus placing a decorative citronella candle out and they are inexpensive to make.  Plus, you can use it them over and over again by just refilling the bottles with Tiki Fuel each year.

DIY: Make your own Tabletop Torches

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