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After the past few years of relentless health issues, I made the decision that it’s probably not best for me to be waking up in the 3 a.m. hour five days a week. It’s pretty tough; but even more so when you’re not feeling well. While it was a a very hard decision, I feel like it was the right one. It’ll be better for my health and lead to a better quality of life for myself and my family. An added bonus: I’m so excited to be able to stay up past 9 PM guilt-free!

However, it’s never easy to say goodbye. When you work on such tight deadlines in an industry that never has a dull moment, you form bonds with the people you work with in such a way they become more like family. And that is what I will miss the most.

News can be hard. It can be depressing. And it’s nearly impossible to keep a charge on your phone, because we get about three emails a minute. But when we have fun, we have FUN … and that’s how I’d like to remember these last few years working with WCPO-TV:

WCPO Elsinore Tower - Cincinnati - Megan Fenno Let me just start by saying I loved working at ‘the castle’. Well, we didn’t really work IN the castle, there is one right at the base of our studio and I never got tired of taking photos of it all illuminated when I drove up to work in the early early mornings.WCPO_TV_ELSINORE_CASTLE_CINCINNATI_SUNRISE_MEGAN_FENNOAnd I loved all the photos including the castle.WCPO_TV_ELSINORE_CASTLE_CINCINNATI_SUNRISE_MEGAN_FENNO_2Then there were all the fun events.lumenocity_music_hall_summer_cincinnnati_wcpo_megan_fennoLike Lumenocity with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and a light show ON Music Hall.

CHOPPER_9_WCPO_TV_CINCINNATI_FENNOFlying high above in Chopper 9 to cover ‘Light up Cincinnati’.RUBBER_DUCK_REGATTA_CINCINNATI_OHIOWatching thousands of ducks pour into the Ohio River for the Rubber Duck Regatta.

BUDWEISER_CLYDESDALE_HORSES_REDS_OPENING_DAY_PARADE_WCPOFront row seats to the Reds Opening Day parade.GREAT_AMERICAN_BALLPARK_REDS_LIGHTENING_CINCINNATI_WEATHER_SUMMERSpeaking of the Reds, there was that one time where I literally took 75 photos of the stadium in one night; just to get a shot of lightning to send into the newsroom. It still didn’t turn out great but I was determined.

The great people & friends I’ve met along the wayINTERVIEW_LIVVY_VOICE_OF_YOUNG_ANNA_DISNEY_FROZEN_WCPO_CINCINNATI_WINGS_MODEL_MANAGEMENT_Interviewing Livvy Stubenrauch who played the voice of ‘young Anna’ in Disney’s Frozen.NICKY_LACHEY_DREW_LACHEY_THE_LACHEYS_BAR_TV_GRANDOPENING_WCPO_MEGAN_FENNOAnd the handsome Lachey brothers when they opened their new bar in OTR.WCPO_TV_CINCINNATI_INSTAGRAM_MEETUP_MEGAN_FENNOThe opportunity to host a Instagram/Blogger meet up, which was SUPER fun!WCPO_TV_CINCINNATI_JOHN_MATARESE_MEGAN_FENNO_SHOPPING_TIPSAnd continue to work with one of my favorites, John Matarese, our consumer reporter.WCPO_TV_SNOW_COVERAGEThis was after we all spent the night in a hotel and had to be in the studio in the middle of the night for snow coverage.

GMTS_GOOD_MORNING_TRI_STATE_WCPO_TV_CINCINNATISomehow, we always seemed to take group photos around food. That’s one thing that never changed.

WCPO_TV_CINCINNATI_GMA_IN_CINCY_40_FOR_40Covering Good Morning America when they came to Cincinnati for their 40th anniversary.WCPO_TV_CINCINNATI_BOY_SCOUT_TOUR_MEGAN_FENNO_TV_STATIONGiving back by showing little boy scouts and school children how TV works, but on the broadcast side and digital.
WCPO_TV_GROUP_CINCINNATIAnd the WCPO group, which is an extraordinary one.

Then there were the more serious moments. Oh, and that one time I wore the sweater I made for the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. That made it on air on more than one occasion.

DARYL_GORDON_WCPO_TV_FALLEN_FIREFIGHTERUGLY_CHRISTMAS_SWEATER_CONTEST_WCPO_TV_ONAIR_MEGAN_FENNO WCPO_CINCINNATI_SEGMENT_MEGAN_FENNOI also flung pieces of apple all over the studio one day.GOOD_MORNING_TRI_STATE_DOUGHNUTS_COFFEEAnd lastly, I can now say I’ve successfully consumed WAY to many doughnuts and drank gallons and gallons of coffee all before 7 a.m.

While I’m saying goodbye for now, it’s not to say it’ll be forever.

But I did want to take some time to reflect on are all the wonderful relationships I’ve built with some of the most talented people in the industry, the fun times we’ve had and the exciting events I was fortunate enough to say I was a part of. Thank you to everyone who have made the past two years of my career so special.

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