Another month and a lot of progress was made on the house. We went from literally just a hole in the ground last month to watching the framing process to now, what is starting to look a lot like a home. 

We’re so in love with it so far! Here’s a look at the outside of the house this month: 

The picture below really sums up this month. Sure, it’s just a picture of a sunset through a window. But for us, it was now looking at the sunset through OUR windows. It was a cold January day and the snow was so beautiful in contrast to the vibrant orange sky. I love how the plans of the house are hung on the windows and you can even see our neighbor’s house being built. It was just one of those amazing photos that really captured the moment for us. 

Here are a few pictures to show the house framed. Not too exciting, but I’m sure we’re going to really enjoy looking at these photos a few years from now when we have decor hanging from the walls. 

Below: Standing in the eating nook near the kitchen looking towards the staircases. Below: This is a look down our hallway on the second floor walking out of Myles’ room. To the right is our bedroom and to the left is my office and John’s office. 

Below: This is the framework for the kitchen island, which I can’t wait to see once it’s complete. I love having the sink and the dishwasher all within the island as opposed to against the wall. 

Below: This is another view from our eating nook, right off of the kitchen. To the left is the sliding glass door that will lead out to the covered deck and our backyard. 

Below: Looking out of our familly room windows.

Below: The bathtub installed in Myles’ bathroom on the second floor of the house. 

Below: The master bathroom. 

Below: Our kitchen looking from the living room.

In the beginning of the month, we started with just framed walls as pictured above, but by the end of the month, all of the drywall was hung and wow, what a difference that made! 

Below: Looking into the family room from our kitchen. Below: Looking at the kitchen and part of the family room from our eating nook. 

Below: The kitchen and pantry looking from the stairs. 

Below: The family room.

And the outside of the house. We’re looking forward to seeing our home with bricks next month! 

Oh, let me not forget to mention I already exceeded my workout goals for the month and it’s only the third week in January? 🤣 Just kidding, but I saw a fun photo op and just had to hop out of the car, get my shoes all muddy and have John snap this epic photo. 

We’re so excited to see what this year and the next couple months hold. RELATED:

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