We announced we’re exchanging our life living in the heart of downtown Cincinnati a few weeks ago [click here to read that post] , and as promised, I’m chronicling our decision to make the move from urban living back to the ‘burbs.

If you couldn’t guess by the title, this post is pretty much the story as to HOW we chose the lot we wanted and why we decided to build over moving into a pre-existing home.

Building a Home: The experience of building a home with M/I Homes in Cincinnati, Ohio

For the later part of the summer, John and I spent a lot of time researching areas of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky but couldn’t quite find a place that met the criteria of ‘the list’.  We knew that once we moved this time, we were going to make it our home for a long time; because if you haven’t picked up that we move a lot, we move a lot. The longest we’ve stayed in one place was 4 1/2 years and that felt like an eternity. Regardless, we didn’t want to settle, and also wanted to move somewhere where there’s a high chance of building equity.

We looked into school districts, the idea of purchasing property downtown (which didn’t really meet much on our ‘criteria check list’)  and then we checked out a few new neighborhoods.Building a Home: The experience of building a home with M/I Homes at Greenshire Commons - Cincinnati, Ohio After much consideration, we felt our best choice with all things considered, was a new subdivision located on the west side of Cincinnati: Greenshire Commons.

There are four different options for builders in the community, but we felt like everything was steering us towards MI Homes. We really fell in love with a lot that is on the edge of the neighborhood. Though it’s on a hill, we love that we’d be able to enjoy evening sunsets without anything obstructing our view. It backs up to the woods and with Greenshire Commons being the third highest point in our county, we’d be able to see for miles from our windows or backyard. 

The other major attraction was the sense of community we’ll have when living there. Because everyone who moves there will be new to the neighborhood, I could only imagine everyone will be eager to meet their new neighbors as they move in and we think that’s pretty neat and something you don’t find often when deciding to move.

Here’s a short little video about the neighborhood, which sums up a lot of why we choose to build here:

Or if you prefer to read about the new community, I whipped up an article for WCPO.com. Just click on the photo below to read it.

Greenshire Commons - Cincinnati Ohio - WCPO - Ground Breaking Ceremony - Megan Fenno Next up: I’ll share how we decided on the floor plan and our overwhelming yet exciting trip to the design center!

How to choose a lot when building a home - M/I Homes - Cincinnati Ohio

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