Now Trending: The Color Pistachio

As we head into spring over the next few months, the most popular colors for this season are hitting the racks and being seen in all the latest accessories. Without a doubt, it’s hard to go without spotting something in the color Pistachio. Perfect for the warmer months ahead, the color Pistachio is a light and pastel colored green. It’s been a popular color for bridesmaids dresses, home decor, wall colors and of course, clothing and accessories.

Below you can find nine “Pistachio” colored items to help you stay right on trend!

From Top moving Right:

I had to throw this print in there too. It’s handmade and super cute:

Pistachio Mustachio Print, Etsy, $3.00

What do you think? Do you think this is the perfect color for Spring 2013?

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