My DIY Holiday Wreath for under $12 + Tutorial

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is decorate. Whether or not we choose to create our own decorations or purchase them ready to hang, your new holiday decor can add up rather quickly.

So I set out on a mission to Michael’s Arts & Crafts last week to see if I could purchase the supplies to make a wreath, ready to hang, for under $10.

Here’s what I purchased:

  • 18″ Evergreen Wreath $3.59 (on sale)
  • Bushel of small poinsettias $ 2.49 (on sale)
  • Pine cone Christmas Picks $.50 x 3 (on sale)
  • Glittery Ribbon $1.49 (on sale)
  • Berry Picks $.50 x 2 (on sale)
  • Brown glittery Foliage $.1.00  (on sale)

Total: $11.07

Other supplies you will need for this project – a hot glue gun, glue sticks and a small piece of ribbon, twine or wire to hang the wreath. As you can see, a lot of the supplies I purchased were on sale so it was a little easier for me to stay within my budget.

Luckily, stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby will continually have Christmas crafting supplies on sale throughout the season, so you should be able to get your supplies for around the same price. If there is something you want that is not on sale, both stores offer coupons for “40% of any one item” almost every week. You can find the printable coupons on their websites or by downloading the stores apps.

On to the wreath making –  It is a lot easier to do than you think, I promise! I’ve taught multiple wreath making classes over the years and everyone is always surprised how simple it is to create a beautiful wreath for any season.

First step, I laid out all my supplies to take inventory on what I was working with.

Next, fluff your wreath as you would a Christmas tree after it’s been boxed up for a year.

Next step, prepare the Christmas picks and flowers so they are ready to go on the wreath. I cut the fake poinsettias off of the stems and broke apart the pine cone bunches. I cut the fake berries off the vines and separated the glittery brown foliage into smaller pieces.

Once you have everything you want to put on your wreath ready to go, simply start placing the items on your wreath. Rather it be pine cones, flowers or ornaments, it’s a good idea to place everything on the wreath first, then glue it in place once you have everything the way you’d like it to look.

Above is what my wreath looked like with everything just placed on it. I was happy with the way it looked, so one piece at a time, I started gluing things down using a hot glue gun-applying glue generously to the bottom of the pine cones and flowers. This wreath is intended to hang outside and I want it to stay intact through wind, rain, and snow. This means the more glue, the better!

Lastly, I added the ribbon for a little extra sparkle. After unraveling the entire roll, I just wove it around the pine cones and flowers, with no particular placement in mind. Just add a dab of hot glue to the underside of the ribbon every 4 inches or so to make sure it stays in place. I used heavier ribbon that has wired edges because I feel like that would last longer and hold up better than sheer ribbon.

And here it is, the final festive wreath:

The last step is tie a small piece of ribbon, twine or wire to the back of the wreath and it will be ready to display for all to see!


And next week…more to come on how to decorate the front of your house..on the cheap of course! Sneak peek below:

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  1. I love how cute these are and they seem to be so easy to make!!

    1. Fenno says:

      It really is easy! I even shared this project on live TV and got so many messages saying it worked :) I just love Christmas wreaths!