I’ve seen SO many cool pallet DIY projects on Pinterest, but then can’t find the source..or it is spam..or the tutorial is no where to be found. That’s why I decided to go through and find some of my favorite pallet projects I have seen floating around the web, including the tutorials to create these fabulous projects.

Wooden pallets, which are used in the shipping industry are typically a low end commodity. Pallets will get reused a few times before either being scrapped as trash or used as firewood.
Most often made from inexpensive junk species of lumber (whatever is most widely available), wood pallets are the perfect candidate for up-cycling & recycling. So check out these projects and perhaps get inspired to make something cool for your home.
As a side note, pallets can typically be found at hardware stores and if you ask nicely. I also saw a stack that said “free” at a landscape company down the road from my house. Another option would be to check out Craigslist under the “free” section.
What initially inspired me to create this post was when I saw my neighbors outside creating the table below:
DIY Pallet Patio Table
Above is a picture of the table that initially inspired my two neighbors. You can find the full tutorial here. Pretty sweet, huh? I think it’s awesome!
DIY Pallet Home Decor
DIY Pallet Board Book HolderYou can find the tutorial on how to create these cute book shelves perfect for kid’s books here.
DIY Pallet Board Edging for YardI never thought about using pallets edging! You can find the full tutorial here.
DIY Pallet Board ShedIf you are feeling crazy-ambitious, you can even build a shed using pallets. You can read about and view pictures of the process here with a tutorial
DIY Pallet Board DeskThis has to be one of the cutest little desks I have ever seen. I love how there is storage for books under the surface of the desk. Click here to find out how to create one for you!
DIY Pallet Board Patio Set and CouchDid you ever think of creating the perfect outdoor sitting area using pallets? I didn’t either, but after seeing this project and reading the tutorial, I am really tempted to try and create a couch like this.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas for Home Decor and Dining TableThis table is just lovely. I especially love the planters that are level with the table. If you are curious how this was created, you can find the tutorial here.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas for Home Decor and PlanterHere is a great planter made from, of course, pallets! Here is how you can create one for yourself.

DIY Pallet Board Ideas for Home Decor and Porch SwingThis beautifully crafted porch swing would be a great place to relax in the summer. Click here to find the full tutorial.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas Outdoor ChairHere’s another great way to enjoy the outdoors, in a pallets-turned-loungers. Here is the tutorial on how to make these outdoor chairs.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas for Home Decor Vertical GardenIf you live in an apartment or just don’t have the room for a garden, this “vertical” garden might be the perfection option for you. It seems simple enough to create after reading the tutorial.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas for Home DecorClick here to see how to create a beautiful piece of home decor, such as the one above, using of course, a pallet.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas for Home Decor Pot HolderGenius! A pot rack made out of a pallet. Find the tutorial here.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas Reading NookThis adorable little reading nook was made out of only two pallets and is a perfect place for your child to snuggle up with a book. Find the tutorial here.
DIY Pallet Board Ideas Coat RackSpruce up your home with a colorful coat rack. Find the tutorial here.
16 DIY Pallet Board Ideas and Tutorials for Home DecorWant even more ideas? 

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