Myles’ First Birthday

I can’t believe it has already come and gone. My baby is officially one. (almost 13 months now!)

To be honest, I went back and forth deciding if I wanted to have a party or not. We had thoughts of renting a place out, having it at our neighbors or just doing something small at our house. About a week before his big day, I chose the latter option. I’ve never mentioned it before, but I have a little PTSD going on from the terrible birth experience. Think nightmares, flashbacks and there for awhile it was so bad, I couldn’t stand seeing pregnant women. It was never something I wanted to bring up because who wants to here a depressing sob story about my miserable after effects of a bad birth¬†experience? Majority of the past year I was in complete denial and thought by not mentioning it or dwelling on it, everything would go away.

But it didn’t and it only got worse around the one year anniversary of having Myles which of course, was his first birthday. I can openly talk it now, because the symptoms of my PTSD have pretty much diminished. But for the sake of not knowing how I was going to react at the party, I kept it small with only Myle’s closet friends.

For putting it together in a week, I was extremely happy with the outcome. I decided on an owl theme, since his room has a woodland theme. Knowing I probably won’t be able to pick out his birthday themes for much longer, I chose what I wanted and loved how everything turned out.Thanks to all the wonderful people we are blessed to have in our lives, Myle’s first birthday was absolutely perfect.

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  1. awww very cute theme! Happy bday to him! : )

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