It’s pretty much a given that I LOVE to design and make jewelry, but what better way to do it than with friends and people who share the same interests? 

I was contacted a few weeks ago to join a Round Rock Beadaholic group. How exciting is that?

So far there are 7 members and I am sure many more will join once we get the word out.
In addition, I was also asked to create projects for the class, so the members of the group and I can all make a project together, whether a beginner or expert!
Also I just taught my first jewelry design class at Colonial Grand of Round Rock on Wednesday!
I used to teach this class at Michael’s Arts & Crafts, but this is the first time since I had moved to Texas that I had the opportunity. We had a blast!
Here are some pictures from the class:
P.S. This is my first blog post. Hopefully one of many for years to come!

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